Foods to Avoid for a Smooth Summer Experience



Carbonated drinks are popular during the summer and they can feel refreshing. But, they are high in sugar content and lead to dehydration. Also, overconsumption can cause health issues like diabetes and obesity.



The caffeine present in coffee can increase blood flow to your kidneys resulting in increased urination. It can make you feel thirsty and dehydrated.



Pickles are high in sodium and increased intake of pickles during summer can increase indigestion and dehydration. Hence, it is better to avoid pickles for a smooth summer experience.



Alcohol contains dehydrating properties and can cause water loss in your body. It can also heat up your body leading to sweating which further increases dehydration.



Cold milkshakes are highly tempting drinks during summer. They have high milk and sugar content and can be very dehydrating. Plus, they also contain unhealthy calories and contribute to high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.


Fried food

It is best to avoid fried foods like french fries, burgers, chips, and so on for a smooth summer experience. These fried foods are high in sugar and uneasy-to-digest amid soaring mercury levels.


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has higher caffeine content compared to milk chocolate. High consumption of dark chocolate can increase your heart rate and lead to dehydration, anxiety and irritability.

Source: Dinodia

Fast foods

Fast foods like french fries, potato chips, pizzas, burgers and nachos can suck out water from your body causing dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, laziness and tiredness.


Spicy food

During the summer season, it is safe to avoid spicy food, as the capsaicin present in spicy food is bad for your health and causes discomfort, and poor digestion while increasing your body heat.


Fruit juice

Though fruit juices are refreshing and replenishing for your body, they can reduce the intake of fibre in your body. It is ideal to consume whole fruits and vegetables to gain maximum benefits out of them and keep you fuller for longer.



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