Healthy Curd Recipes to Fight Off Summer Heat

Source: Dinodia

Spiced Buttermilk

Masala Chaas or spiced buttermilk is a popular Indian drink made with yoghurt, water, and spices like cumin, black salt, and mint. It aids digestion and provides relief from the summer heat.


Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is a classic Indian snack made by deep-frying lentil dumplings and soaking them in yoghurt. It's served chilled with a drizzle of tangy tamarind and mint chutney.


Cucumber Raita

Cucumber raita is a simple side dish made with grated cucumbers and yoghurt. It provides a cooling effect to your body and complements spicy Indian meals.


Pudina Raita

Pudina raita is a flavourful yoghurt dip made with fresh mint leaves, yoghurt, and spices. It's a refreshing accompaniment to tasty biryanis and kebabs.


Dahi Papdi Chaat

Dahi papdi chaat is a popular Indian street food made with crispy papdi (fried dough wafers), tangy chutneys, yoghurt, and a variety of toppings like onions, tomatoes, and sev.


Curd Rice

Curd rice, also known as "Thayir Sadham," is a South Indian dish made with cooked rice, and yoghurt, and tempered with spices. It is light and easy to digest.


Mango Shrikhand

Mango shrikhand is a luscious dessert made with hung curd, and ripe mangoes, and flavoured with cardamom. It's a perfect summer treat with the natural sweetness of mangoes.


Dahi Puri

Dahi puri is yet another popular Indian street food made with crispy puris filled with a mix of potatoes, chutneys, and topped with yoghurt, sev, and spices. You get to taste a lot of flavours and textures in this recipe.


Boondi Raita

Boondi raita is a savoury yoghurt dip made with fried chickpea flour balls (boondi) and spices. It adds a crispy texture and cooling element to any Indian meal.


Aloo Kadhi

Aloo kadhi is a yoghurt-based curry made with potatoes, gram flour, and spices. It's a popular dish in North India, enjoyed with rice or roti, especially during the hot summer months.



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