Are Those Dark Spots On Your Nose Blackheads Or Hair?

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Are Those Dark Spots On Your Nose Blackheads Or Hair?

According to the leading dermatologist, Dr Nivedita Dadu, this condition is known as Trichostasis Spinulosa and is quite a common problem. 

Are Those Dark Spots On Your Nose Blackheads Or Hair?

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When you look at a mirror from up close, you might get pissed off by those little black spots on your nose. You may try to get rid of them using a blackhead remover but if they are not getting removed easily, it is quite possible that they are not blackheads but fine hairs on your nose.

What is Trichostasis Spinulosa?

Often confused with blackheads, Trichostasis Spinulosa is a condition in which instead of one hair protruding from a hair follicle, a bundle or bush of hair comes out of a single follicle. It mainly affects the skin of the nose of adults but can also occur on other parts of the body like the chest, back, arms and legs. It must be noted that these follicular lesions are not painful at all and occur in both men and women. Though calling Trichostasis Spinulosa a disorder may sound a little scary, there is nothing to worry about.

How to get rid of Nose Hair?

It’s not too difficult to get your nose hair removed. Here are a few traditional methods that one may try to get rid of these tiny hairs on your nose.

  1. Threading: You may go to a nearby beauty parlour and get your nose hair removed via threading. It is quite an easy process as well as cost-effective
  2. Plucking: You can easily do this, but it requires certain things.  Firstly, you need good lighting and a mirror so that you can see those little hairs on your nose. Secondly, you need to procure a pair of super high-quality tweezers to pluck your hair. This process may also require a lot of patience
  3. Waxing: You can easily purchase at-home wax strips or nose strips to get rid of those tiny hairs on the nose. But before trying this technique, do keep in mind that your nose is oil-free

Though all the above methods for removing nose hair are easy, they can be quite painful. Moreover, your nose hair returns to its original form in just a few days and therefore you have to go through the same process frequently.

To get rid of his hassle, Dr Nivedita Dadu suggests the ‘Laser Hair Removal' technique as it is a painless and long-lasting way to get rid of dark, terminal hairs. Though the treatment may be a bit more expensive than the traditional methods, it is a more permanent solution.

Moreover, the process has become easier with the arrival of the latest laser hair removal technologies in the market. Even pen-tipped laser hair removal facilitates removing hair even at places where long probes cannot be used.

Process for Laser Hair Removal

The process of removing hairs on the nose begins by cooling and numbing the skin to minimise discomfort. The hairs are targeted with a laser which destroys the follicle and the root of the hair so that it cannot grow back. The process is not painful, but some patients do feel minor discomfort. 

Laser hair removal does require multiple sessions because hairs grow in different stages. For the process to be effective in destroying the follicle, the hair needs to be in the growth stage. To capture multiple individual hairs in this stage, multiple sessions are necessary.


If you too ever notice these tiny dark spots on your nose, they may not be blackheads but Trichostasis Spinulosa. But there’s no need to worry, just consult a dermatologist and you may permanently get rid of this disorder.

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