Pamper Yourself Before Your Wedding With These Skin, Body And Hair Treatments

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Pamper Yourself Before Your Wedding With These Skin, Body And Hair Treatments

In this article, let’s learn from a Delhi-based dermatologist, Dr. Nivedita Dadu, about pre-wedding treatments that you can opt for your skin, hair and body to dazzle on your wedding day.

Pamper Yourself Before Your Wedding With These Skin, Body And Hair Treatments

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Wedding season is around the corner. The to-be brides and grooms must have already started experiencing the pre-wedding jitters. This time could be both exciting as well as stressful for them as they have to organise a lot of things to make sure that their D-Day is successful. And amid all this hassle, they also have to look picture-perfect. 

Before proceeding, here are a few points that you must consider to have the best possible results.

1. Give attention to your skin and hair in advance. The way you start arrangements for your wedding a few months before, similarly you must have ample time before undergoing any skin or hair care procedure.  

2. Consult a qualified and experienced dermatologist who can suggest a good skincare routine as per your skin type and concerns. It will make your skin look healthy and glowing on your wedding day.

3. Don’t try a new product immediately before your wedding as it may be unsuitable for your skin.

Treatments for Glowing and Healthy Skin

∙ Laser Hair Removal: This treatment can be a good option for the removal of unwanted hair. Whether you have black, coarse hair or fine, soft hair on your face or body, you can get them removed by undergoing this procedure. Grooms can also go for Laser beard shaping.

∙ Under Eye Treatment: Eye problems are mostly due to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, and hectic schedule. If you want your under-eye area to look rejuvenated, you can get a few treatments done before your wedding like under-eye DivaGenesis and Eye Refresh treatment. These will help you to get rid of under-eye bags, hollowness, and pigmentation. 

∙ Lip Treatment: Pink lips are a sign of good health. If you too want such lips on your D-wedding, you can undergo procedures like glow boosters and DivaGenesis for lips. These treatments will help to hydrate your lips, reduce pigmentation and lead to collagen remodelling, thus making your lips look healthy.

∙ Medifacials: Medifacials are different from regular salon facials as in the former good scientific technology is brought to use and its results are instant and long-lasting. It helps to address face issues like pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and open pores. Few among the medifacial treatments are Crystal Glaze, Get Set Glow and Miracle Infusum. These pre-wedding treatments give good results and don’t have any downtime.

∙ Glow Booster Treatment: This treatment helps in improving the skin texture, tone, and quality and makes your face look hydrated and shiny.

Treatments for Body

∙ Body Q Treatment: Along with following the right diet, having the right body treatment will give you more enhanced results and make you look flawless on your wedding day. Body Q is one such treatment that will facilitate muscle toning and body contouring.

∙ Body Brightening Treatments: You can also have body brightening treatments to deal with uneven skin tone and reduce skin pigmentation and dullness. 

Treatments for Hair: 

∙ Hair Rituals Treatment: It is a kind of hair spa that is done with products made from botanical extracts. This treatment deeply nourishes your hair and makes them soft and lustrous.

Along with all these treatments you can also go for Vaginal Rejuvenation if you are concerned about the pigmentation, tanning, and uneven skin tone of your private parts. In a few clinics, such treatments are customised by combining a few procedures as per your skin issues. 


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