Are Scrunchies Better Than An Elastic Band To Tie Your Hair?

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Are Scrunchies Better Than An Elastic Band To Tie Your Hair?

There’s something rather attractive about scrunchies, because not only do they save your hair from damage, but they also serve as a pretty adornment as a hair tie.

Are scrunchies better than an elastic band to tie your hair?

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Emerging from their utilitarian beginning as a better alternative to an elastic band which could rip off your hair, scrunchies have been transformed into a style statement, not only in the rainbow of shades by the college girls on campus but even back in the 80s by celebs like Madonna (with her iconic messy topknot), J. Lo and Sarah Jessica Parker. What started as an on-the-spot inspiration, for New York nightclub singer and pianist Rommy Revson, from the elastic waistband of her pyjamas for a softer hair-tie, the scrunchie became an iconic hair accessory from the 80s to the mid-90’s. Now it’s gliding elegantly in luxe velvet, fur or sequins, back on stage again from the wings. A unisex hair accessory today, the scrunchie can find a place even in a man’s ponytail or serve as a quirky wristband with a tux.

Why Ditch Elastic Bands for gentler-on-the-hair Scrunchies?

Anyone who’s suffered hair strands getting entangled in an elastic band forcing you to painfully rip them off will tell you it’s a no-brainer to opt for a more gentle hair tie like a scrunchie to avoid the snarls. Rushing to the gym and grabbing an elastic band/rubber band to keep your hair off your face with a ponytail or topknot is inviting trouble for sure. While taking the elastic band off (and in a hurry at that) those tangled-up hairs can cause hair breakage and damage while separating the two; sometimes, in a worst-case painful scenario of the snarls, resort to snipping them apart with a scissor. What’s worse is that if you are doing this repeatedly on the same spot on your scalp, you might end up with a bald patch with all that wrestling with the hair band! Also, if you pull your hair back tight into an unforgiving grip with the elastic band, you could end up with a headache, and horrors of all, a receding hairline!

What makes scrunchies the better option is that they have a wide layer of fabric between the hair strands and the elastic, which grips the hair just so. So, when you put it on or remove the scrunchie even in a rush, it slips off easily without pulling the hair or creating snarls, thus saving your hair from damage of any kind. And goodbye headache, as the soft fabric allows some leeway in holding the hair in place. If you have damaged or processed hair, go for a scrunchie, the gentler option as a hair tie. 

Scrunchies are softer, more durable and stylish to boot! Remember when the rubber band of your pony or topknot snapped and your hair came tumbling down when you were trying to look your professional best while making a presentation to your boss? Well, your scrunchie won’t let you down; unless, of course, you got one that was poorly made or was too loose from the start and you were too lazy to go back and change it at the store.

While pampering your hair and protecting it from breakage and damage, functionality and quality are key to a good scrunchie, as revealed by feedback from serious athletes and surfers, joggers, gym addicts and the like. Even beach babes love them because the sand doesn’t get all over their hair.

Scrunchie Talk

Where size matters

Avoid going for one of those brands which are only about one-size-fits-all! Were you aware that a lot of thought goes into creating scrunchies for different hair growth with the right amount of grip to keep them in place for as long as you need? Now there are those which are designed for thin and flyaway hair; then there are stronger, outsize ones that work for thick hair, and then there’s the midway option for medium-density hair.

Material things

The fabric you choose from which the scrunchie is made also adds to its allure as a hair tie. While silk in the scrunchie looks very stylish, being a natural fibre, it won’t steal the natural moisture and sebum in your hair, which protects it from damage. It’s also very soft on the hair and doesn’t create tangles. Cotton, being absorbent, can leach the moisture and natural oils from the hair strands, leaving them dry.

Satin, velvet, georgette, net, chiffon and cotton and other textures in various shades of the colour palette are popular. So are the dishy ones with pearls, ruffles and floral prints. And there are pretty hair scarf scrunchies too.

So scrunchie is king or queen for that matter because even officially elastic bands have been given the thumbs down by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), which recommends using covered rubber bands made especially for hair to avoid damage. The other important thing is not to rush tying up your hair. Gently do it when you sweep it into a ponytail or topknot. After all, it’s your crowning glory and you should pamper it at all times!

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