Are Open Pores Making You Look Old?

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Are Open Pores Making You Look Old?

Open pores are not an outcome of the ageing process, contrary to popular belief. But they are definitely an open invite for acne and blackheads. If you are facing open pores issues, it is time to meet your dermatologist.

Are Open Pores Making You Look Old?

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Skin is the largest organ of our body, and no matter what our skin type is, it will have pores. Pores allow the skin to breathe, help in good circulation and maintain general physical health. But what about dullness and laxity? Open pores take away from your skin’s appearance. Although a popular theory, it is not just ageing that causes open-pore problems. Teenagers are arguably more susceptible to open pore issues. Men, too, are more susceptible to this problem as they possess more sebaceous cells. Open pores are not a medical issue but a cosmetic one. And dermatologists can definitely help you deal with this issue.

Appearances matter

Let us understand that pores do not open or close, and nor can they be reduced in size. The main concern is what internal and external factors affect their appearance. Every skin pore has a hair follicle and oil glands that produce sebum. Sebum is a natural skin oil that is produced by the skin. Sebum production increases during the teenage years as an effect of rushing androgens (growth hormones). This leads to excess collection of sebum in the pores. Coupled with the dirt, debris and other external accumulations on the skin, it leads to skin breakout in the form of pimples. 

Thick hair follicles also contribute to enlarged open pores. Whiteheads, blackheads and pustules are various types of outbreaks that teenagers experience. Sometimes they get inflamed and can be painful. 

Apart from excess oil, lack of collagen also causes the pores to look enlarged. This is a concern for people above 35 years of age when collagen production starts reducing, wrinkles start developing, and humans essentially enter the reverse puberty stage. Sun damage and certain hereditary factors also play a vital role in how open pores look on individual skin. Sometimes people dislike the way their skin looks due to enlarged pores; other times, it is the clogged pores that cause skin problems, compelling people to seek professional help. 

Dermatological solutions are available to deal with this cosmetic problem effectively. Let's see how they do it. 


A good old-fashioned steam-based facial can help clean the pores of dirt and debris, making them appear smaller. It will also restore the skin’s natural glow without the use of any external chemicals. Using essential oil combos provides extra rejuvenation to the skin. 


Gentle exfoliation also helps remove the excess oil and dirt stuck in the pores, making them more breathable. There is a wide range of gentle exfoliating astringents available in the market that fit the bill. Retinoids, lactic acid and salicylic acid-based products are a big hit, too. 

Chemical peels

Peeling masque enriched with hydroxy acids such as AHA and BHA is used to scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells. The chemicals used in this process unclog the pores and boost collagen production from within. 

Laser treatment 

Laser therapy is a highly professional, non-invasive technique performed by a dermatologist or at a medical spa with a proper prescription. Laser therapy focuses on effectively dealing with the sun damage and ageing process but boosting collagen production and reducing acne scars. Professional grade laser apparatus such as Pixel Perfect, Fraxel Laser and Laser Genesis is used to perform this procedure. 


Even though the name suggests needles, it is a pain-free procedure used to plump up the skin to shrink the pores. It must be approved by the dermatologist and performed only by a professional. The micro-needling device stimulates the skin's wound-healing response, thus triggering collagen production. This helps in strengthening support structures around the pores. While the process may be painless, it can leave you looking a little sunburned for a day or two. 

Simple home care

Certain home remedies followed by disciplined skincare can effectively address your open pore complaints. These simple tips will sort you out easily:

  • Gentle everyday exfoliation removes the debris, giving you healthy skin. 
  • The application of gentle astringent prevents clogged pores, thus eliminating many skin concerns. 
  • If you are susceptible to getting clogged pores, use only non-comedogenic (ones that do not block your pores) skincare and make-up products. 
  • Moisturise your skin every day. Even oily skin requires hydration. 
  • Collagen-boosting products enriched with antioxidants are your best friends. 

Open pores seem like a minor problem until every picture seems imperfect and the skin breakouts become an everyday problem. The best thing for you to do in this scenario is to seek a professional opinion from a dermatologist. No matter what the problem is, understanding the reasons and finding the apt solution is important and who better to do that than the ones who are qualified to take care of you?

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