Dealing With Open Pores? Here’s All You Can Do To Get Rid Of Them

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Dealing With Open Pores? Here’s All You Can Do To Get Rid Of Them

Open pores are a common skin problem that might not be harmful but can make your skin look dull and uneven. If not treated properly, they can also lead to blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Are you dealing with Open Pores? Here’s all you can do to get rid of them

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In this article, renowned dermatologist, Dr Nivedita Dadu talks about the various home remedies and a right skincare routine that you can follow to shrink open pores. We will also learn about the creams and procedures available at dermatology clinics to treat open pores.

What are Open Pores?

Open pores are the opening of oil glands which are present in all of us but in certain people, they become more prominent and visible which becomes problematic. This may happen due to several reasons:

  • Oily skin - If your skin is oily your pores will become enlarged and more visible.
  • Dairy products - Consumption of a lot of dairy products can increase the oiliness of the skin and lead to open pores and even acne.
  • Junk food - As junk food has a high glycemic index, it can increase the problem of open pores. The Glycemic index is a value used to measure how much food increases blood sugar levels.
  • Age - With age, your skin elasticity reduces and it becomes loose and starts sagging due to which open pores become more visible.

Home Remedies for Open Pores

  • Ice cubes - Applying ice cubes of green tea, rose water or cucumber water on your skin can shrink your pores and you’ll see an improvement. But it must be noted that this is just a temporary solution and may only work for a few hours as open pores are not temperature sensitive.
  • Egg white mask - Egg white contains astringent properties that can pull out waste and tighten pores as it dries, so if you apply its mask on your face, your skin will become better.
  • Clay mask or Multani Mitti mask - Multani Mitti absorbs excess oil produced by your skin and also draws out the substance that clogs your pores, thus helping in the shrinking of the pores. You can also apply a paste of besan (gram flour) which too works similarly.

Right skincare routine for Open Pores

  • Use salicylic acid and glycolic acid face wash - As both these acids have exfoliating properties, they will help to unclog your pores and once the dirt and oil are removed, the pores will shrink automatically.
  • Use water-based and gel-based sunscreen - Don’t go for heavy sunscreens as they will further increase your pores. Water-based sunscreens are usually oil-free and eliminate greasy residue.
  • Use light makeup - If you have open pores only go for light makeup. If you use greasy, heavy and powder-based makeup, it will settle in pores and irritate your skin along with increasing the size of your pores.
  • Use a good pore refiner during the night - This will help to refine your enlarged pores, minimise the amount of oil on the skin and smoothen the skin texture.
  • Use cold water for washing your face - Warm water opens your pores and cold water constricts them. Though it is a temporary solution, it is something that you can implement in your skincare routine.

Creams available for Open Pores

  • Tretinoin-based creams - Tretinoin is a retinoid that exfoliates your skin by increasing dead skin turnover and improving the texture and quality of your skin. Besides, it improves the elasticity of your skin and shrinks the open pores.  But remember it’s not safe for use in case you are pregnant, lactating or planning to conceive.
  • Niacinamide - You can also try Niacinamide as it repairs the epithelial barrier by healing the skin and shrinking the pores.

Procedures Available at Dermatology Clinics

The primitive procedures that are available at dermatology clinics for treating open pores were Microdermabrasion and Dermaroller. They are helpful but not to a great extent. While Microdermabrasion is meant more for removing blackheads and whiteheads, Dermaroller is used to treat shallow and superficial open pores.

For the treatment of deep open pores, there are stronger procedures. These include:

  • Salicylic acid-based peels
  • Fractional Lasers like Fractional CO2 Laser and Fractional Erbium YAG
  • Microneedling Radiofrequency (MNRF)
  • TCA Cross Peel 
  • Mesobotox

Open pores on your cheeks, nose and forehead can make you look older than your age. If you want to get rid of them, it is always beneficial to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe you the right treatment after a proper diagnosis.

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