Polygel Nail Extension: All You Need To Know

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Polygel Nail Extension: All You Need To Know

Polygel offers a wide array of colours and finishes, just like conventional nail polishes.

Polygel Nail Extension: All You Need To Know

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Polygel has become a rising sensation in the world of manicures, swiftly gaining widespread acclaim. This innovative technique stands out as a hybrid nail extension method, seamlessly merging the pliability of gel nails with the durability and resilience of acrylic nails. The application of Polygel involves using a dense gel substance, which is skillfully brushed onto the nail, aided by an isopropyl alcohol solution to ensure a smooth and effortless process. For nail enthusiasts yearning for extended and captivating nails, Polygel is an absolute must-experience.

Originally developed for professional nail technicians, it is now available in at-home kits as well. This innovative product is created by blending acrylic powder and clear gel, resulting in a flexible gel substance that can be shaped according to your preferences.

Unlike traditional nail enhancements, Polygel eliminates the need for ratios, mixing, or monomers. It grants nail technicians unparalleled control over shaping and overlaying your dream nails. One of its remarkable characteristics is that it remains malleable until it is cured, enabling technicians to take their time and create a flawless finish.

It is applied using an acrylic brush and can be used to cover your natural nails, tips, or nail extensions. Once applied and shaped, it is cured with a UV or LED light, similar to gel polish.

Distinguishing Between polygel, gel, and acrylic

Gel: Among the three nail enhancements, gel is the thinnest. It's worth noting that applying gel polish directly on natural nails may lead to nail bending and breakage. To maintain nail strength between gel treatments, it is advisable to protect the cuticles and avoid picking off the polish.

Acrylic: Opting for acrylic is an excellent choice if you desire longer nails. The application process involves using a powdered substance called monomer.

Polygel presents a fantastic alternative to acrylic nails, providing a lightweight and flexible solution. This innovative product offers versatility as it can be applied directly onto the natural nail or used in combination with a nail form to produce an extension.


The process begins by gently pushing back the cuticles and removing any dead skin around them to prepare the nails. To ensure proper application, the nail is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before the polygel solution is used. Excess moisture is eliminated by applying a nail bed dehydrator, followed by the application of a nail primer to enhance adhesion. A small amount of polygel is applied to the centre of the fingernail and then shaped to the desired length and shape using a spatula and an alcohol solution. Each hand is then exposed to a UV lamp for 60 seconds to achieve a soft and smooth finish. Once this step is completed, the process is finished.

Cost to apply polygel nail extensions 

Polygel nail extensions in India have a starting price of ₹2,500, which can vary depending on factors such as the size of the nail and the specific polygel nail extension kit selected. The overall cost will also be influenced by the choice of salon.

Time to apply polygel nail extensions

The process of applying polygel nail extensions typically takes one to two hours. However, if you wish to have nail art or nail stickers incorporated, it may require additional time.

The durability of polygel nail extensions 

With proper placement and maintenance, your polygel nails can long for approximately four weeks.

Care for polygel nail extensions

To maintain proper moisture for your polygel nails, make sure to apply cuticle oil not only to the portion of the nail that extends beyond your fingertip but also to the top surface of the nail. This practice will help prevent the polygel from detaching or separating from your natural nails. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid engaging in activities that may lead to the breakage of your nail extensions.

Removal of  polygel nail extensions

Polygel nail removal can be done easily, but it is crucial to follow the proper procedure to safeguard the natural nail. Opting for professional removal of polygel nail extensions at a salon is a safe and prudent decision.


Polygel manicures remain relatively specialised, requiring nail artists to acquire proper education on the unique technique. Practice plays a crucial role in achieving perfection in any nail industry endeavour. When it comes to Polygel, the thickness may vary among different products and applying certain brands can be more challenging. Consequently, becoming proficient with Polygel necessitates practice and finding the brand that suits one's preferences. Ultimately, if you desire longer nails or wish to enhance your current ones, Polygel is a worthwhile option to consider.

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