Salon Facials Vs Medi-Facials

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Salon Facials Vs Medi-Facials

Which is the right one for you? Know more about facials to make an informed decision.

Salon Facials Vs Medi-Facials

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Did you know that the earliest facial treatments date back to the 1500s? Facials were a hit amongst royalty when they were discovered as a means to rejuvenate the skin. External application of select oils and creams to uplift the skin’s health and maintain its glow is the layman's definition of a facial. It used to be a special treat a couple of decades ago but now it is a part of our lifestyle. You can simply walk into a salon or a day spa and get a facial to pamper yourself. 

When beauty is skin-deep

Salons offer a number of facials depending on the result that you are aiming for. For instance, there are glow, hydrating, rejuvenating, anti-ageing, brightening and lightening facials. These facials are done by trained skin therapists, using facial-specific professional products. Salon facials generally involve cleansing, exfoliation, massage and masque. These treatments are anywhere between 60-90 minutes in duration. 

However, salon facials have their limitations as they address the skin’s concern superficially, and their results are not long-lasting. That’s where medi facials come to the rescue, like a knight in shining or shall we say glowing armour! Medi-facials are customised, advanced skin treatments that include the use of medically approved products to treat certain skin problems. These issues include dryness, pigmentation, tanning, loss of elasticity, sagging and sensitivity. Any skin prone to breakouts, eczema, irritation, inflammation and redness benefits more from medi-facials than regular facial treatments.

Here’s a quick look at how these two types of facials differ from each other:

Salon or Day-Spa Facial Medi-Facial
Beauty Oriented Problem-specific and beauty and health-oriented
Short-lived glow Long-term healthy glow
May cause allergies and irritation Safe for sensitive and irritable skin
Superficial in all aspects Targets specific pain points


Although medi facials have a definite advantage, one cannot rule out the experiential offered by a regular facial. The ambience, aroma and soothing massage have their own benefits. We have zeroed in on two treatments that are worth giving a try if you haven’t made your dermatologist appointment yet.

Glow-up spa treatment

For regular face cleansing and skin brightening, a classic facial might be your go-to option. But if you are looking at something beyond the ordinary – like healthy glowing skin – Hydra Facial is the way to go. Hydra facials are also gentle enough for most sensitive and acne-prone skin types. Match it with a proper skincare regime and you are in for the long haul. Adding a nutrient-rich serum is a great way to rejuvenate your skin. 

Firming facial and lymphatic massage

Dealing with wrinkled skin and sagging jowls can be a nightmare, especially for those going into premature ageing due to environmental effects. That's where the firming facial and lymphatic massage comes in. The human lymphatic system doesn't have its own like the circulatory system. Stimulating the correct points, therefore, gives puffiness, acne, dryness, dullness, and in some cases, even sensitivity. Sometimes all it takes is a little TLC for the body and it heals itself. 

Specialised and customised care

There are times when salon procedures are not enough. The skin demands special attention towards special issues. That's when the medi-facials come to the rescue, like the knight in shining, or let's say glowing armour!

A medi-facial is a customised, advanced skin treatment that includes the use of medically approved products to treat certain skin problems. These issues include allergies, and some skin conditions and are beneficial for people with especially sensitive skin. While salons and spas offer top-grade facials and customisations, if there is a special requirement, without medical-grade facials, it can only aggravate the condition. Any skin prone to breakouts, eczema, irritation, inflammation and redness benefits more from medi-facials than salon facials. 

Let’s take a look at some of the popular medi-facials that dermatologists swear by:


The quickest way to regain a youthful glow is to buff away dead skin layers. Microdermabrasion, as the name suggests, is the process of removing dead skin cells using pressure microcrystal (such as aluminium oxide) jets. The device’s nozzle is adjustable according to your skin type. There is no downtime as such for this treatment but healing time might be required if there is redness. 


Osmosis is the gradual assimilation of nutrients into the skin by application. The medi-facial professionals are authorised to provide nutrients and pharmaceutical components required by the skin. This includes specific treatment for certain skin conditions such as allergies or other medical conditions that may aggravate with regular salon-grade facials. The masques used for Osmosis are deeply detoxifying and soothing. 

Nano Infusion 

Nano infusion is done by highly skilled professionals with the help of nanoneedles that infuse active nutrients into the skin through microscopic channels. The procedure offers glowing results that last longer than other facials. This is an advanced pain-free method that stimulates collagen production. This helps in combating wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and blemishes effectively. 

Antioxidant Boost 

Replenishing your skin vitality sometimes requires advanced, pharmaceutical-grade boosters. Antioxidant boost treatment drives the serums deep in the skin to revitalise from within and fight the signs of ageing. It also restores the skin's natural hydration, making it look youthful. 

Enjoying a day pampering yourself is nothing less than heaven, but the secret lies in choosing what's right for you. Then it's time to trust the skills and knowledge of your dermatologist and get glowing.

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