Summer Travel Tips for Women: Tips To Keep Your Skin Safe

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Summer Travel Tips for Women: Tips To Keep Your Skin Safe

As summer is upon us, a lot of us are eager to embark on journeys. While you may revel in the excitement of traversing different regions, your skin might not share the same enthusiasm.

Summer Travel Tips For Women: Tips To Keep Your Skin Safe While Travelling

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Lengthy flights, frequent shifts in weather, water and dietary variances, and numerous other factors can adversely affect your skin while travelling if proper care is not taken. This can prove detrimental to your complexion, particularly when transitioning between cities with contrasting temperatures. 

However, while travelling can induce stress that can affect your body, including your skin, it doesn't mean you need an elaborate skincare routine. A little bit of planning is all it takes to maintain healthy skin while on the go.

To ensure that your skin remains vibrant and healthy throughout your travels,here are a few insightful recommendations. Implementing these smart tips will help you radiate like a star!

Keep your moisturiser readily available:

Applying a rich moisturising cream the evening prior to your journey is important. Doing so will assist in maintaining your skin's hydration and moisture levels, safeguarding it from harsh weather conditions. Exposure to direct sunlight or strong winds can cause dryness and significantly harm the texture of your skin. To ensure your skin remains soft and supple, continue to reapply moisturiser while travelling, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Keep sunscreen as your closest ally:

Regardless of the time of year, ensure you generously apply sunscreen to shield your skin from the damaging impact of UV rays. By doing so, you can safeguard your skin against tan lines and painful sunburns. Overexposure to the sun can also accelerate the ageing process. Therefore, sunscreen becomes an indispensable product for your protection. Remember to reapply it every 2-3 hours and use a quality moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated from within.

Use cleanser:

When you travel, your skin tends to accumulate a significant amount of dirt and dust, leading to breakouts. Therefore, using a cleanser becomes essential to effectively remove all the impurities and maintain a clean and refreshed complexion. It is crucial to carry your trusted cleanser during your travels, as any sudden alteration in skin care products can potentially trigger a "vacation breakout."

Put on comfortable clothes:

When embarking on outdoor adventures such as trekking, engaging in games, or simply exploring new places, it is crucial to prioritise comfort clothing. Opting for comfortable attire can shield you from the unpleasant experiences of irritation, itching, and rashes that can arise from wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes. Tight garments often contribute to issues like eczema, infections, and heat bumps, making loose and comfortable clothing a preferable choice. It is important to diagnose and address skin allergies and various types of contact dermatitis to ensure proper care and management.

Use blotting papers:

While travelling, many individuals encounter the challenge of oily skin, primarily due to the buildup of dirt. Blotting papers offer a convenient solution to eliminate excess oil from the face, particularly in the 'T Zone' area. Unlike regular tissues that tend to leave behind residue, blotting papers prove to be far more effective. Moreover, individuals with sensitive skin can comfortably use them.

Drinking water:

In addition to benefiting your overall well-being, water also works wonders for your skin. Many times, when travelling, we tend to neglect drinking water in order to avoid the inconvenience of finding a restroom. However, this practice not only disrupts your body's functioning but also negatively impacts your skin.

Take care of your eyes:

Frequent travellers often experience under-eye circles. To alleviate the strain and exhaustion, try placing a cold pack on your skin. This can provide soothing relief for your eyes. Make a habit of doing this consistently during your travels for several days.

Review the weather forecast:

Before you set off on your summer escapade, it is advisable to review the weather forecast. Familiarising yourself with the anticipated temperature, humidity levels, and UV index can assist you in devising an appropriate skincare regimen. In areas with mountainous terrain, the air tends to lack moisture, potentially causing your skin to become parched. To counteract dryness, ensure to include a nourishing moisturiser with hydrating properties in your packing list. In regions where the sun shines brightly, it is essential to take note of the hours when the sun is at its peak and make necessary preparations to provide additional protection during those periods.


Ensure a blissful and rejuvenating experience throughout your summer adventures by prioritising the pampering and relaxation of your skin. Remember these essential tips when organising your summer escape, so you can fully embrace your wanderlust while maintaining a radiant and healthy complexion.

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