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With Love, From Korea

With love, from Korea

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Korean beauty standards have taken the world by storm. Clear, glassy skin and never-say-fade glow are the highlights of Korean skin. Let’s see how these trends are influencing Indian beauty aficionados.

South Korean skin experts have cracked the secret of youthful radiant skin. And now that secret is out in the open for the world to take. K-beauty, as it is popularly called, is as well-known as K-pop. World over the beauty trends are being adapted, and India is no exception. While make-up trends from South Korea can’t be blindly imitated as Indian features and skin tones are different, skincare is a completely different ball game.

The base of skincare in K-beauty is made up of ingredients. Innovative skincare ingredients are used in products that comprise the 10-step skincare routine. The second most important aspect is the use of devices. Here we will look at the highlights of the Korean skincare regime that can help you achieve the gold standard of beauty.

Less is more

Yes, Korean skincare routine involves 10 steps but there are ways of packing in a punch in a limited way. That’s what ‘skip-care’ is all about. Using multi-tasking products and active ingredients is a great way to shorten the process and make your daily grooming routine more effective. Another way to achieve this is by investing in customised products to suit your skin conditions and concerns.  

Optimum absorption

Make sure that the innovative ingredients in the products are penetrating your skin and leaving their best results behind. Be choosy about what you are putting into your skin, and select from the array of novelties such as snail mucin and white truffle. Complement these products with tools such as derma rollers and microneedling to ensure better penetration, longer hydration and more suppleness.

Refresh the regulars

Now that you have stocked the right products comprising the right ingredients on your bathroom shelf, it’s time to reinvent the routine itself. Double cleansing is the ‘it’ thing for a reason. An oil-based cleanser ensures that all make-up residue is taken off your face. Following this up with a foam or gel cleanser with a micro cleansing device gives you squeaky clean skin. You also need to step up your exfoliation game and invest in AHA or BHA based exfoliant. Pick up ampoules with potent active ingredients to deliver the much-needed nutrition directly to the concerned area such as eye gels to treat puffy eyes. Add face sheets and facial oils to your routine to make it decidedly Korean and super effective. 

Quantity matters

Taking the appropriate amount of product is key to mastering each step of the skincare regimen. Applying moisturiser and sunscreen with the dotted method ensures even distribution of the products. Excess product does not benefit the skin in any way and only sits on the surface, giving you an oily, glossy look. 

Device a plan

No K-beauty routine is complete without device-based TLC! LED masks and ionic machines are your go-to options as they enhance the efficacy of the products and keep your skin firm, bright and moisturised. 

What goes in

What you eat and drink has a direct impact on your skin, so make sure your diet is high on micronutrients and minerals. Also drink appropriate amounts of water and cut down on aerated drinks. If you have chronic skin issues such as acne, which are persisting in spite of following the above steps, consider consulting a skin expert to know what diet and lifestyle changes are required to get your skin in order. 

In-clinic care

Some of the popular options for in-clinic treatments are laser treatments for hair removal, acne scar removal and skin tone balancing; skin boosting injections to increase collagen and retain moisture; and chemical peels for skin rejuvenation, treating sun tan and exfoliation. Depending on your requirement, your doctor might also recommend minimally invasive treatments such as botox, fillers and thread lift to enhance your face. In-clinic treatments are to be complemented with at-home care, as it is only through consistent efforts that you can achieve the flawless and glowing skin that’s the hallmark of K-beauty.

The above steps, which you can easily incorporate in your daily routine, combined with skin rejuvenation treatments with your dermatologist will surely help you achieve your K-beauty goals.

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