Breast Massage: Benefits And How To Do It

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Breast Massage: Benefits And How To Do It

While women don't often think of getting a breast massage, it offers a number of benefits.

Breast massage: Benefits and how to do it

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When visiting a spa or opting for in-home massage services, our attention tends to be directed towards areas like the shoulders, back, arms, and legs. The idea of massaging our breasts often doesn't cross our minds. Some people consider them to be too sensitive, while others have concerns about the potential impact on breastfeeding. Some even view breast massage solely as a means of identifying breast cancer. However, it turns out that breast massage offers numerous benefits. The key is to understand the proper technique for massaging your breasts.

Who should refrain from breast massage?

Although breast massage can be beneficial for some people, it may not be suitable for everyone. Certain women should avoid engaging in breast massage.

Women who have recovered from breast cancer should consult their doctor before attempting breast massage, as it may pose potential risks. Likewise, women with specific breast conditions such as fibrocystic breasts or breast implants should either abstain from breast massage or seek medical advice beforehand. Additionally, women who are pregnant or have a history of breast cancer should exercise caution and consult with their doctor before considering breast massage. If you encounter any pain, discomfort, or abnormal changes in your breasts during or after a massage, it is crucial to stop immediately and seek guidance from your doctor.

Benefits of breast massage

Alleviation of breast tenderness

By enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, breast massage has the potential to alleviate breast tenderness, pain, and swelling. Moreover, it can induce relaxation and provide relief from stress.

Breast massage can enhance the appearance of breasts

Certain women opt for breast massage to improve the appearance of their breasts, particularly if they experience sagging. They often use olive oil as a method to promote breast tightening, enhance elasticity, and firm the skin.

Good for breastfeeding mothers

Breast massage can provide numerous benefits for women who are breastfeeding. It has been shown to enhance milk flow and alleviate breast engorgement, making it an excellent practice for breastfeeding moms. According to a study breast massage conducted within the first year after childbirth contributes to an improvement in the quality of breast milk.

Another study showed that mothers who were involved in breast massaging experienced reduced breast pain compared to those who did not receive breast massage.

The scientific evidence supports the positive effects of breast massage on breastfeeding moms. However, it is essential for breastfeeding mothers to exercise caution and avoid applying excessive pressure to their breasts.


The lymphatic system functions as a network of vessels that gather and purify excess fluid waste throughout the body. Specifically, within the breasts, these vessels transport fluids to the lymph nodes situated near the breastbone, collarbone, or underarm.

When the lymphatic system sustains damage, it can result in the accumulation of fluid and waste. This buildup often leads to a condition known as lymphedema, characterised by swelling.

Engaging in breast massage might potentially stimulate the lymph vessels and decrease the likelihood of developing lymphedema in the arms and chest.

Steps for proper breast massage technique

Now that you are aware of the potential benefits of breast massage, here is the correct procedure:

  1. Begin by gently warming up your breasts with light circular motions

  2. Apply gentle pressure to your breasts using your palms, starting from the outer areas and moving towards the centre

  3. Use your fingers to create small circular motions around your breasts, encompassing the areola and nipple

  4. When massaging the breast tissue, employ a firmer touch, ensuring not to exert excessive pressure

  5. Employ a gentle squeezing motion to guide any fluid or lumps towards the nipple and out of the breast tissue

  6. Remember to repeat these steps when massaging the other breast


Getting a breast massage is a great choice with a wide range of benefits. It can help rejuvenate your body, alleviate tension, aid in detecting breast cancer, support breastfeeding, and foster self-love. Just remember to ensure that you or the professional performing the massage follows the correct techniques for optimal results.

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