Clove Tea: Here Are Various Health Benefits Of This Ancient Remedy

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Clove Tea: Here Are Various Health Benefits Of This Ancient Remedy

Clove or "laung" has long been a staple in Indian kitchens, valued not only for its aromatic and flavorful qualities but also for its numerous medicinal properties and health benefits.

Clove tea: Here are various health benefits of this ancient remedy

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Bursting with antioxidants, cloves offer exceptional nutritional value, making them a valuable addition to one's daily diet. Incorporating cloves into your meals can be done in various ways, and a simple yet effective method is through the consumption of clove tea.

Despite being a common ingredient in Indian kitchens and known for adding flavour to dishes, cloves also offer numerous health benefits when consumed as a tea. Clove tea offers numerous health benefits and can be easily prepared at home with only two ingredients. It serves as an excellent alternative for tea enthusiasts looking to break their addiction. Here is how to make this delightful clove tea and its incredible advantages for your well-being.

How to prepare clove tea


1-4 whole cloves

1 cup of water

  1. To make clove tea, follow these steps:

  2. Take one teaspoon of cloves and grind them coarsely using a mortar and pestle

  3. Boil a cup of water and add the ground clove powder to it

  4. Allow the mixture to boil for approximately 5 to 10 minutes

  5. When the water reaches its boiling point, introduce half a teaspoon of tea powder into it and allow it to steep for a few additional minutes

  6. After steeping, strain the liquid to remove any solid particles

Health benefits of clove tea

Alleviates gum swelling and toothaches

Clove possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties that effectively reduce gum swelling. If you're experiencing toothaches or gum discomfort, consider rinsing your mouth with warm clove tea. This natural remedy helps eliminate bacteria from your mouth, providing swift relief from toothaches and gum pain. Additionally, clove offers spicy solutions for other oral issues such as bad breath and stained teeth.

Remedy for skin infection

With its abundant antiseptic properties, clove tea is an excellent remedy for a range of skin issues. Packed with volatile oils, this tea effectively eliminates toxins from the body and promotes the healing of external wounds. Applying clove tea topically not only safeguards the skin against injuries and scrapes but also provides protection against fungal infections like athlete's foot or ringworm.

Helps with sinus issues

Having a mug of soothing clove tea, especially in the morning, can effectively ease infections and swiftly alleviate sinus problems. Cloves contain eugenol, which acts as a potent expectorant, effectively clearing congested phlegm and generating a soothing warmth in the affected area.

Promotes digestion

Enhancing the process of digestion can be facilitated by incorporating a cup of clove tea into your routine before lunch or dinner. This delightful beverage acts as a stimulant, aiding in increased blood circulation and the production of saliva, leading to improved digestion of food. Moreover, clove tea possesses properties that promote gastric secretions and act as an analgesic, providing relief from acidity and stomach discomfort resulting from indigestion or flatulence. Additionally, this tea exhibits potent antiemetic effects, effectively combating nausea.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Clove tea boasts an abundance of magnesium and serves as a valuable source of Vitamins E and K, making it a beverage rich in nutrients. With its anti-inflammatory properties, clove tea effectively combats bacterial infections. Additionally, it acts as an antipyretic, helping to reduce body temperature while enhancing immune system function.

Eliminate intestinal parasites 

Clove tea, an ancient remedy, possesses the ability to eliminate intestinal parasites effectively. The remarkable presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in cloves enables them to combat and eradicate these unwanted organisms from the body, providing relief from distressing symptoms such as abdominal pain and an upset stomach. 

Relieves arthritis pain

If you are experiencing the distressing pain of arthritis, consider using an ice-cold compress infused with clove tea for effective relief. Cloves possess potent analgesic properties, making them an ideal choice for alleviating joint pain, muscle discomfort, swelling, and ligament injuries. Simply apply the cold compress infused with clove tea to the affected area for 20 minutes, repeating this process two to three times a day. By doing so, you can find respite from the pain associated with arthritis.

Natural sanitizer

Cold clove tea serves as a potent natural sanitizer, a fact often overlooked by many. Simply pouring clove tea over your hands and rubbing them together generates friction that effectively cleanses the skin, removing dirt and reducing bacterial presence. What sets this natural alternative apart is its lack of side effects commonly associated with commercially available sanitizers.


Clove tea offers a myriad of health benefits, ranging from alleviating gum discomfort to promoting digestion and relieving arthritis pain. This ancient remedy, easily prepared at home, serves as a natural sanitizer and aids in the treatment of various ailments, including sinus issues, fever, and skin infections. By incorporating clove tea into your daily routine, you can harness its powerful properties and enhance your overall well-being.

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