Daytime Sleepiness At Work: Here Is How To Manage

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Daytime Sleepiness At Work: Here Is How To Manage

Many people experience drowsiness during their work hours, mainly due to insufficient sleep at night

Daytime Sleepiness At Work: Here Is How To Manage

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This feeling of fatigue and sleepiness can significantly impact one's performance in the workplace. Hence, it is crucial to prioritise getting a sufficient amount of sleep, ideally around 7-8 hours, to maintain a healthy body and establish a productive routine for the following day.

Addressing the root cause of daytime sleepiness, such as sleep apnea, can enhance your energy levels and enhance cognitive function. Nevertheless, even if you take measures to improve your well-being, daytime sleepiness may not vanish overnight.

To effectively manage daytime sleepiness while at work, consider the following strategies:

Take caffeine

When faced with a lack of energy at work, consider revitalising yourself with a shot of caffeine. Caffeine acts as a stimulant, heightening brain and nervous system activity. It has the potential to enhance cognitive function, increase mental performance, and combat drowsiness. However, it is important to exercise moderation. Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to overstimulation, resulting in jitteriness that may negatively impact your productivity.

Take a power nap

When faced with daytime drowsiness, taking a short nap can be an effective way to overcome it. If you find yourself needing to rest, try fitting in a quick power nap during your lunch break. A 15 or 30-minute nap can provide you with the necessary boost of energy to carry you through the remainder of the day. 

Stand up from your desk

Remaining seated in a single position for extended periods can exacerbate daytime drowsiness. Taking regular breaks from your workstation and engaging in short walks can stimulate blood circulation, helping you remain alert and focused on your tasks.

Listen to upbeat music

When faced with a sleepy state at work, enduring the silence while trying to fulfil your responsibilities can be quite tiresome. It might feel like you could nod off at any given moment. To invigorate your mind and shake off the drowsiness, consider listening to some upbeat music.

Light lunch

If you often struggle with daytime sleepiness, consuming a heavy lunch may exacerbate the issue. It's important to avoid sugary snacks, sodas, and carb-rich foods such as white bread and pasta. To maintain your energy levels, opt for a light lunch that leaves you satisfied without feeling overly stuffed. When packing your lunch, prioritise healthier sources of energy. Consider including items like boiled eggs, chicken, berries, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains.

Illuminate your workspace 

If you're lucky enough to have a workspace that includes windows, make sure to open the shades and allow natural light to flood in. The presence of sunlight in your office can heighten your alertness and boost your energy levels. In case you lack a window in close proximity to your workspace, consider requesting permission to introduce a lightbox near your desk. This device emits a gentle dose of UV light, aiding in the regulation of your sleep-wake cycle and reducing feelings of drowsiness.

Face wash with cold water

To combat drowsiness during work, try refreshing yourself by splashing cold water on your face. This easy and effective trick can help rejuvenate you and give you the boost you need. If the weather permits, take it a step further and step outside after splashing your face. Feeling the breeze against your refreshed skin can enhance your alertness and further awaken your senses.

Fan breeze

Consider incorporating a fan into your office or desktop setup if you frequently experience daytime sleepiness. When you find yourself feeling drowsy, direct the fan towards yourself and activate it at maximum speed. Similar to the refreshing breeze outdoors, the cool air generated by the fan can enhance your level of alertness.


Give exercise a try, even if you're feeling tired. Although it may appear counterintuitive, engaging in physical activity can actually enhance the circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. This improved blood flow can have a rejuvenating impact on your mind. Just a few squats or a brisk jog around the block could be sufficient to get your blood pumping.

Keep yourself hydrated

Ensuring an adequate intake of water throughout the day can prevent dehydration, which can negatively impact your ability to concentrate and remain attentive. Increasing your water consumption may also lead to more frequent urination, which can help keep your body alert as you walk to the restroom.

Keep yourself occupied

Excessive downtime can amplify daytime sleepiness. If your job occasionally has periods with fewer responsibilities, it's important to avoid prolonged idleness.

When you have little to do, you might find yourself feeling even more tired. Consider reaching out to your boss and requesting some light responsibilities, if feasible. Offering assistance with overflow work could be an option worth exploring.


Mastering the art of combating daytime sleepiness is crucial to maintaining a positive impression with your employer. When the overwhelming urge to doze off strikes, employ these helpful strategies to power through the day. However, if your fatigue persists for more than a few weeks, it is advisable to consult with your doctor to investigate any underlying issues.

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