Here’s How You Can Maintain Your Body Post Body Contouring

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Here’s How You Can Maintain Your Body Post Body Contouring

“A huge part of losing weight is believing you have the power to do it.” ― Debasish Mridha

Here’s How You Can Maintain Your Body Post Body Contouring

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Today, every field has witnessed a staggering growth in the advancement of technology. The weight loss industry is no exception. The intense and rapid growth has not only modified processes but also created procedures that have become a force to reckon with in this industry. However, all of them still advise and vouch for a consistent workout routine along with a balanced diet that enhances the work of any procedure. While many believe that a nip ‘n’ tuck here and there on your body is no big deal, one must also realise that it is far from a shortcut. Be it liposuction, CoolSculpting, body contouring, or even invasive surgeries, weight loss is no joke and should be addressed with utmost care and fragility. 

You may feel on top of the world after going through a tummy tuck surgery, liposuction or CoolSculpting but what one may not know is how the dreadful, unwanted fat can and will return if not taken care of. You may lose the skin and these procedures will get rid of the unwanted fat but none of them stop you from gaining more. 

The results of the above-mentioned procedures are real and definitely show long-term benefits but they could wear off as soon as you stop taking the desired steps to keep the weight at bay. So, what must one religiously follow to maintain and enhance the fabulous work done by the procedures? 

First and foremost, an individual who has undergone the body contouring procedure must keep in check what they gobble. The aftercare of the surgery does not support the consumption of more calories than your body can burn. The more calories you consume, the more fat starts collecting and in turn, the more weight you will gain. The surgery is not magically eliminating the unwanted fat that you are accumulating through an unhealthy or high-calorie diet. The kilos/pounds will start adding up and it will definitely show one day.

You have to EAT RIGHT. There is no shortcut to this process. To keep your post-surgery body in the best shape, you have to be conscious of the food you eat and the intake of your calories. This does not mean you have to starve yourself but you must strive to eat clean, healthy, unprocessed foods that aren’t packaged. 

Some of the best ways to do this is by increasing high-protein foods such as lean meats, seeds, nuts, legumes and grains. Try and stick to home-cooked meals which are clean yet tasty and appetising. When hungry in between meals, opt for juicy and in-season fruits. They say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” which definitely holds true as there are no substitutes for the enriching benefits of stocking your house and filling yourself up with loads of natural fruits and vegetables. Last but not least, water is another bountiful gift of nature that we don’t realise the importance and benefits of. It should be consumed unapologetically and in absolute abundance. Throw away the sodas and sugary juices, instead stick to our good old friend – Water. 

The next vital key to maintaining a super body post the body contouring procedure is – Exercise. 

A good and balanced exercise routine post-surgery and even without surgery is paramount. Exercise is a must for any and every body type and shape. It helps keep the pounds away and elevates the look of your overall body and skin. If you devote 45 minutes to an hour daily, you can achieve the desired results. It could include anything from gym workouts to jogging, walking, swimming or even yoga. Movement is crucial and an active life is the best life.

One should add an hour of aerobics at least once a week to see maximum results. Post-surgery, it is good to start slow and then build momentum as the body begins to gain strength. The workout routine should be well-planned and intentional as it is an essential requirement for the body. Thus, setting some time aside and making it a daily priority is an utmost need for the maintenance of the body the contouring procedure.    

Finally, stress levels need to be kept in check. High levels of stress lead to the production of cortisol, which stimulates appetite. Once the appetite goes haywire and the food intake increases manifold, so does the fat which then gets deposited in the abdominal area. Hence, it is important to avoid stress or one must find ways to cope with it through exercise, therapy professional counselling and specialised massages at regular intervals. 

Many times, people who have opted for these procedures fail to truly understand the responsibility that comes with undergoing any of these processes. One has to take care of themselves before and after the surgeries. It comes with a great deal of accountability. Ignorance or simply a slack in exercise routines and avoidance of watching the calorie intake or diet on the whole will make you lose out on the benefits that body contouring has to offer. Hence, it is essential to not only shell out the money for the procedure but more importantly to commit to a healthy lifestyle that helps you achieve and enhance your body goals throughout your life. 


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