Here's How You Can Treat Stubborn Fat In The Abdomen, Flanks And Back

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Here's How You Can Treat Stubborn Fat In The Abdomen, Flanks And Back

Exercise and diet are often not enough to remove the stubborn belly fat, you might need to consult a dermatologist to see results.

Here's how you can treat stubborn fat in the abdomen, flanks and back

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Belly fat is by far the most stubborn and troublesome area for both men and women. These are areas that diet and exercise alone cannot do much. Constant frustration with zero to no results leaves you wondering, “what’s the next best solution to get rid of the excess fat?” 

If you are really looking for that hourglass figure and want to remove pockets of fat stored in a few problem areas, speaking with a dermatologist can help you to further your quest towards attaining a smooth body without any bumps. 

Let’s first throw some light on the problem areas and what causes this: Hormones, gender, age and genetics play a crucial role when determining body fat in tricky areas. On the one hand, hormones play a large part in deciding where the fat gets accumulated. Oestrogen on the other hand is another fundamental aspect, which decides where and how much of the fat is stored. Genetics also play an influential role in understanding the development of fat across the body. Finally, as we age so does the fat. For both men and women, with increase in age leads to more accumulation of fat around the body.

However, one needs to keep in mind the area where the fat gets stored and the type of fat that has gathered. For instance, there is subcutaneous fat that lies below the skin’s surface and then there is visceral fat which gets collected in the abdominal cavity and wraps itself around the organs. There are two types of fat cells. Fat cells with more Alpha 2 receptors that store long-term fat. This is the obstinate fat and is difficult to lose. The Beta-2 fat receptors are the energy providers. Whenever the body needs a boost of energy, the Beta-2 receptors break down and burn easily. Thus, the ones where the bulges are hard to get rid of are the ones that have fat cells containing Alpha-2 receptors. These are extremely difficult to break down.     

So, let’s have a look at ways and techniques to achieve the near perfect body we all aspire to have: 

Belly Fat Exercises 

“A stomach crunch a day keeps the belly fat away” – is this really true? We are often told to do a hundred or more crunches or workout mercilessly at the gym to get that perfect set of abs. However, one must understand that while crunches definitely do help strengthen the core, they are actually only a way to help enhance the look of your tummy. There are numerous videos and content floating around that suggest miracle theories of reducing the belly or often called as “Flat Belly In Just A Few Days”. These are myths. Exercise on the whole can target a specific group of muscle but none can just remove the belly fat away magically. A good and balanced diet coupled with a strong exercise routine with a lot of hard work and discipline are the key requirements to a healthy and fit body.   

Foods That Burn Belly Fat 

Even when it comes to a diet, it is important to note that there are no foods that can eradicate fat miraculously. While they may boost metabolism, there are no diets that focus primarily on the abdominal area and make the fat disappear. Hence, videos that suggest otherwise are once again myths and need to be checked with your own nutritionist or workout experts for actual facts that suit your body type.

How to lose belly fat and other problem areas with fat reduction treatments 

So here comes the moment of truth. While exercise and diets are extremely crucial for an individual’s overall health and fitness, we must also understand that a perfect body is a myth. Nonetheless, workouts and diets need to be an essential part of our lives as there are no substitutes for achieving a healthy body. While we have established that fat reduction exercises and foods that burn the fat are myths, we must also accept that bulges around the stomach are difficult to lose and infamously stubborn. And although one may have started the weight loss journey, one can only hope that you also in turn lose the fat around your problem areas, predominantly being the stomach through the workouts. However, if you are still desiring a perfectly sculpted body, there are fat reduction treatments that intervene to remove fat cells from the body. Once these fat cells are removed, they cannot be replaced and hence give a long-lasting beneficial result to the body. 

Today, with the advance of technology in every sphere, there is also critical advancement in this area as well. One must note that all of this is only possible with a healthy body which is consistently maintained through a good routine of workouts and nutrition. The treatments are only mere improvements that one should consider if and only when required. So, let’s dive into Coolsculpting.  

What is Coolsculpting? 

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction technique that helps eliminate unwanted fat around problem areas. Best for people who have busy or tight schedules, this method is also called “Fat Freezing”. This is a process that eliminates the fat cells by completely freezing them. It is one of the most popular and extensively used methods today. The problem areas look completely natural post the treatment and are also considered safe, effective and require little to no time. 

Apart from providing dramatic results to the body, this method is FDA approved and cleared and is thereby considered safe and efficient. Other problem areas such as love handles, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, double chin, armpit fat, chest fat on men, fat above the knees, and back fat can also be targeted. Its results are natural and last for a long period of time and are usually suitable for men and women who are healthy yet struggling with stubborn fat resistance. However, one must keep in mind that this is not a fat loss procedure and neither does it treat obesity. For better long-term benefits, exercise and diet have to remain an integral and important part of the maintenance journey. 

Things to keep in mind when opting for CoolSculpting

Select the right dermatologist to execute the procedure for you. It is important to ensure the clinical environment of the dermatologist is clean and hygienic with trained nurses and doctors around. Thus, if one may opt for this method, they must do so only when absolutely necessary and in consultation with a dermatologist. At the same time workouts and diets should never be ignored because there are no shortcuts to a good and healthy body. Both must be followed with utmost strictness and commitment. Because as we all know, “A healthy mind is a Healthy Body,” and nothing compares to that.  

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