Partying Too Hard Can Take A Toll On Your Health. Here’s How To Beat The Ill-Effects

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Partying Too Hard Can Take A Toll On Your Health. Here’s How To Beat The Ill-Effects

Partying too hard can take a toll on your health. Here’s how to beat the ill-effects

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The company of good friends may influence you to drink and eat more. The fun part is okay, but all that you are putting inside your stomach could badly affect your health. 

To all the party animals out there, there are a few effective ways recommended by a famous acupuncturist, Dr Jewel Gamadia to detox your body after a late night extravaganza.

1. If you have stayed up late at night or have drunk too much alcohol then start the day with Beetroot juice. Consuming this juice will increase blood flow throughout the body, allowing more oxygen to be carried to all the cells. This will further help the organs to get back to normal functioning more quickly and restore the energy levels. 

2. For Breakfast, have rice-based foods like idli, dosa, poha or anything else that you would prefer. Rice is a complex carbohydrate  and is easy on the stomach.

3. Post-breakfast, have a Vitamin B12 tablet as too much drinking can reduce the levels of this vitamin in the body. Don’t skip it as deficiency of B12 can affect the hair growth and metabolism. 

4. Post lunch or dinner, you can have a drink which is rich in fibre like Isabgol. It is important because drinking alcohol stresses the liver, increases the toxicity level in your body and makes the food move very slowly in the gut, and to counter all these problems fibre is a must. Fibre absorbs water and helps the food to move faster so that it doesn’t rot in the gut. Moreover, it reduces the stress on the liver, boosts metabolism and helps in restoring the vitamin levels in your body.

With excessive drinking, you may face the problem of weight gain, and this occurs due to following reasons:

1. Reduction in fat burning: When you are sober, the liver works hard to metabolise and burn fat cells, which helps to maintain or lower the existing weight. However, when the liver has to switch gears to metabolise the alcohol instead, it leads to build up of fatty acids. This is because the liver processed the calories in the alcohol first, sparing the fat from being metabolised. 

2. Increase in calorie intake: If you don’t burn the calories that you consume on a daily basis, you gain weight. A single bottle or can of beer contains a lot of calories that are deceptively easy to consume and can lead to a steady weight gain, if you don’t practise some weight management strategies.

To lose weight is not rocket science, you just have to choose the correct method to do so. Dr Gamadia suggests to opt for a healthier way that not just helps to lose weight but also makes the person healthy from inside. Here are a few things that he asks to follow.

1. Time your meals: You must have at least three meals a day and there should not be too long gaps between them.

2. Have calcium rich foods: Spinach and drumstick are two superfoods that facilitate weight loss. Try to have at least two bowls of either of them in a day.

3. Do keep a check on your Vitamin D3 levels: If your Vitamin D3 levels are low, you must take supplements to maintain them as this vitamin is closely linked with how effectively you lose fat.

4. Don’t stress your liver: Avoid using reused oil and processed or packaged foods like chips as they contain hydrogenated oil which is not good for your liver.

Wrapping up

The regular weekend partying accompanied with too much alcohol consumption can affect your health in more ways than you know. The recommendations of Dr Gamadia can help to detox your body and keep your health in check.

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