Summer Heat: Foods To Prevent Dehydration In Summer

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Summer Heat: Foods To Prevent Dehydration In Summer

Summer can be quite challenging as unusually high temperatures can lead to increased acidity in the body and disrupt the pH balance.

Summer heat: Foods to prevent dehydration in summer

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Moreover, the dehydration which is a common phenomenon in summer can disturb your normal biological functions and impact homeostasis and digestion. The body continuously loses water through activities such as breathing, sweating, and urinating. In hot and humid conditions, the body perspires more, leading to increased fluid and electrolyte depletion. Hence, water is essential for regulating body temperature, eliminating waste, and ensuring smooth joint movement. 

The food we consume also plays a crucial role in maintaining a calm, cool, and relaxed body. While most fruits and vegetables available during the summer months are naturally hydrating and packed with essential nutrients, it's beneficial to include the following foods in our diet:

Basil seeds: Also referred to as sabja seeds, basil seeds possess a natural cooling property when consumed. They can be effortlessly incorporated into revitalising summer beverages such as nimbu paani, gulkand sherbet, or kokum juice.

Fennel seeds: Known for their refreshing flavour and natural cooling properties, fennel seeds have a soothing effect on the body. Drinks infused with fennel seeds are excellent for beating the summer heat and providing relief.

Grapes: Juicy and abundant during the summer season, grapes are not only delicious but also packed with antioxidants and vital nutrients. Consuming grapes can aid in shielding the skin from harmful sunburns.

Lettuce: It possesses an impressive nutritional profile, owing to its antioxidant properties. Its vibrant green leaves can be enjoyed in their raw form or lightly sautéed. Additionally, they can be blended to create a refreshing green juice.

Lemons: Known for their high vitamin C content, lemons serve as an excellent ingredient for a variety of refreshing summer beverages. Not only do they provide a delightful burst of flavour, but they also contribute to maintaining the body's alkalinity and coolness. By incorporating orange rind or mint leaves into lemon-infused water, you can create a fantastic and invigorating drink to enjoy throughout the day.

Mangoes: Considered a nutritional powerhouse, mangoes offer an abundance of essential nutrients that bolster the immune system and provide protection against heat strokes.

Paan leaves: Also known as betel leaves, they are frequently consumed as a post-meal tradition. These leaves are known for their ability to combat heat, reduce body temperature, and provide a cooling effect. To enjoy a refreshing summer beverage, one can create a delightful concoction using betel leaves, fresh mint, and fennel seeds.

Mint leaves: During the hot months, you can enjoy invigorating and revitalising beverages by infusing mint leaves into water along with cucumber slices or orange rind.

Muskmelons: It possesses alkaline properties that help in maintaining a balanced acid level in the body.

Buttermilk: A light and invigorating blend of buttermilk infused with black salt, asafoetida, and cumin powder offers a delightful respite, particularly during hot afternoons. This post-lunch digestive drink is known for its ability to refresh and soothe the senses.

Coconut water: It offers vital electrolytes required for preventing heat stroke.

Cucumbers: With their abundant water content,they serve as a superb cooling agent. They find versatile usage in a range of summer recipes, such as refreshing juices, refreshing raitas, and chilled soups.

Broccoli: Broccoli may not be the initial choice for many people when considering hydrating foods. However, this cruciferous vegetable actually consists of almost 90% water. In addition to its high water content, broccoli is packed with various antioxidants and serves as a source of fibre, iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K. To maximise the nutritional benefits, one can opt for steaming broccoli or consuming it raw.

Bael: Also known as stone apple, it is a popular fruit during the summer season. Not only does it provide a refreshing and cooling effect on the body, but it also offers a wealth of essential nutrients. Bael is highly regarded for its numerous therapeutic benefits, as it possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Water is a vital component for maintaining human health; however, it is not the sole means of hydrating the body. In reality, individuals can enhance their hydration and overall water consumption by incorporating various foods and beverages into their diet. When the weather is warm, the body tends to lose water and essential electrolytes through perspiration. To combat this and sustain optimal hydration levels, consuming hydrating foods that promote good health becomes crucial. These foods not only help to replenish fluids but also offer a diverse range of essential nutrients.

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