Want A Contoured Body? Go The Non-Invasive Way!

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Want A Contoured Body? Go The Non-Invasive Way!

As aesthetic treatments go, you don’t have to go under the knife to get a sculpted body. There are non-invasive options available that will give you the body of your dreams.

Want a contoured body? Go the non-invasive way!

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Body contouring, also known as body sculpting, is rapidly gaining popularity for being a non-invasive medical technique to get rid of unwanted fat. As opposed to surgical procedures, non-invasive methods are pain-free, have little to no recovery time, and do not come with a list of dos and don'ts post-procedure. 

Various medically approved methods are used to target specific cells, leaving the other tissue undamaged. This medical therapy is especially effective when paired with some exercise and dietary changes in the regular schedule.

The minimal downtime and lesser risk make non-invasive body contouring a healthy option for those looking forward to losing a few pounds to get the desired look. 

Dr Geeta Fazalbhoy, Managing Director and Founder Member, Skin & You Clinic, Mumbai, states, “High intensity focused ultrasound, ultrasound in radiofrequency, microneedling radiofrequency, lipolytic injections (fat loss or inch loss injections), and freezing the fat cells are the most commonly used non-invasive body contouring procedures. High intensity focused ultrasound also helps in tightening and lifting, so it can be used for butt lifts, love handles and bra bulges as well as for arms, abdomen and on the face (for double chin). Ultrasound in radiofrequency helps in melting the fat cells and reshaping and repositioning the structures.” 

She adds, “In microneedling radiofrequency, the RF energy helps build new collagen, which helps to contour the areas that have lost collagen, especially if you have loose skin in your underarms, abdomen or thighs. It works well for cellulite and butt contouring, too. Lipolytic injections can be given to any specific area where localised fat loss or reduction is required. The freeze treatments are used to reduce the bulk of the fat cells and to contour the body.” 

We bring you a few more trending non-invasive body contouring treatments:

AirSculpt® Smooth 

AirSculpt Smooth is a medically approved patented technology dedicated to the removal of unwanted fat while also making the skin tighter. 

The process requires no needles, scalpels, stitches or anaesthesia to remove the fat. It leaves behind only a freckle-like scar. That’s how AirSculpt picks out unwanted fat cells from the body like berries from a shrub, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. There is a 24-hour recuperation required before a person can walk into their workplace without any hassle. 

Red Light Therapy 

Low-level laser therapy, colloquially known as red laser therapy, uses specific irradiated wavelengths of a cold red laser to liquefy the contents of the fat cells. Instead of eliminating the fat cells, this process empties the contents of the cell, which are eventually eliminated by the body. The 40-minute treatments over a period of two weeks are known to achieve optimal results. The low-level laser therapy can be effectively used to treat the waist, hips, thighs, arms, chest, knees, ankles, back or bra line. 


Cryolipolysis is an FDA-approved non-invasive fat reduction technique. As the name suggests, the treatment uses cold temperatures to destroy the fat cells. The freezing temperatures used in cryolipolysis kill the fit cells, which are then eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. The good news is, once these cells are gone, they are expected to stay gone. No unwanted resurrections. This advantage makes cryolipolysis a cool choice indeed! 

One sitting of the treatment takes about half to an hour and there is no specified downtime. Usually, multiple sittings are required to get desired results. The procedure can be performed on almost all fat accumulation zones. 

Laser Lipolysis 

The laser lipolysis treatment works on the principle exactly opposite of cryolipolysis. In this method, a laser is used to destroy the fat cells. The lymphatic system eliminates the dead fat cells approximately 12 weeks after the procedure is performed. The abdomen and flanks are usually the areas targeted with this method. Multiple treatments are required to gain desired results and each procedure takes about 25-30 minutes. No downtime is required for recovery from this procedure. 

Healthy weight loss is important to boost morale and make life holistic. Invasive surgery options are painful, have a long recovery, and are often accompanied by restrictions as well as complications that make life difficult. Non-invasive body contouring helps you maintain a healthy mindset as you embark on the journey to achieve your desired body goals without taking your happy lifestyle away from you. 

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