Wash Your Feet Before Bed-Time: Reasons Of Cleansing Your Feet Before Settling In For The Night

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Wash Your Feet Before Bed-Time: Reasons Of Cleansing Your Feet Before Settling In For The Night

Wash your feet before bed-time

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Sweaty feet can attract bacteria easily. With thousands of  sweat glands, our feet generate roughly half a pint of perspiration daily. That amounts to a significant amount of sweat accumulating on our feet. If you reside in a humid region and engage in extensive walking, especially while wearing sandals, your feet may also accumulate dirt and various debris from the streets. 

Besides sweating, fatigue is a universal experience stemming from the ceaseless array of activities we engage in throughout the day. Whether they pertain to professional responsibilities or domestic duties, the body becomes depleted under the weight of constant demands. From the mind to the bones, every component of our being plays a role in executing our daily tasks.

After everything mentioned above, what is that one thing that aids in replenishing the body's energy for the following day? Undoubtedly, a restful night's sleep, coupled with a nutritious and balanced diet. While factors such as proper lighting, a comfortable mattress, cleanliness, and various others contribute to a good night's sleep, there is a unique significance to washing your feet before retiring to bed. Here are various advantages of cleansing your feet before settling in for the night!

Relieves muscles and joints

Throughout the day, our feet carry the full burden of supporting our entire body weight. It's common to experience stiffness in the feet by the end of the day. This discomfort is not solely caused by wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes, or engaging in certain activities; it can also be a result of consistent neglect. Just like we take care of our hair, skin, and other body parts, our feet also deserve some attention and care. After all, we can't simply separate ourselves from this vital body part. By washing your feet at night, you can experience a sense of relief as your joints and muscles begin to relax.

Regulates body temperature

Ayurveda places significant importance on the practice of washing feet to regulate body temperature. In Ayurveda, the feet are believed to be associated with the element of fire. Wearing shoes throughout the day tends to trap the heat within a confined space. Have you experienced that immediate sense of relief when you remove your shoes? This sensation occurs because the trapped heat is instantly released. By washing your feet before bedtime, you can help keep them cool, leading to improved sleep quality.

Relaxes the body

When your feet are freely placed on the bed, they receive adequate energy and airflow, unlike throughout the day when they remain grounded, experiencing limited airflow. Throughout the day, your feet absorb heat from the Earth's surface, which can leave them feeling fatigued. To provide your feet and brain with much-needed relief, it is essential to properly wash them at the end of the day. By doing so, you will experience a sense of relaxation while sleeping and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Gets rid of unpleasant odours

Regularly wearing socks and shoes can result in sweaty and malodorous feet. To effectively combat this issue, it is recommended to focus on nighttime hygiene practices. Instead of relying solely on scented sprays or lotions, consider thoroughly washing your feet every night. By ensuring proper cleanliness and improved airflow, you can enjoy long-lasting freshness even when wearing shoes for extended periods.

Helps in healing of cracked heels

Water also plays a significant role in promoting skin healing. Therefore, indulging in a brief pedicure session before bedtime can effectively aid in the healing process of cracked heels, while simultaneously ensuring that our skin remains soft and flexible.


Evidence suggests that incorporating pre-bed rituals, including a relaxing bath or shower, can significantly improve sleep quality. However, it's essential to consider the well-being of your hard working feet, which endure the impact of walking and bear the weight of our bodies. Besides washing your feet, it's worth considering giving them some extra care before bedtime. 

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