Weak Immunity? An Acidic Gut May Just Be The Culprit. Here’s Why!

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Weak Immunity? An Acidic Gut May Just Be The Culprit. Here’s Why!

From the effects of an acidic stomach to eating right, B-Town’s favourite acupuncturist Dr. Jewel Gamadia discusses the link between immunity and acidity.

Weak Immunity? An Acidic Gut May Just Be The Culprit. Here’s Why!

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If there’s one lesson we all learned in the horrid aftermath of COVID-19, it is how precious and precarious our immune system can be. As the watchdog against infections and illnesses, our immune system deserves a lot more attention than we offer. Celebrity acupuncturist Dr. Jewel Gamadia offers us a detailed breakdown of gut immunity, how it works, its relationship with acidity, and the steps you can take to strengthen your immune system as a complete beginner. 

What is immunity, and how does it work? 

Simply put, immunity means protection against outside threats. Your immune system is made up of different cells, proteins, and organs that work together to protect the body against different bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins. 

According to Dr. Gamadia, the body needs vitamins and the right nutrition to make new immune cells and nurture them to be strong enough to kill viruses. This absorption process can only happen smoothly if your stomach is alkaline because that's when the body absorbs the nutrients best. On the flip side, if your stomach is acidic, it cannot give the newly-born immune cells, if they are produced in the first place, the right nutrition to mature. Your gut is responsible for absorbing the nutrients, so if you are acidic, the body cannot absorb iron, even if you take an iron pill or your food contains iron. Since your body is not absorbing iron, your blood cannot carry enough oxygen which can make you feel breathless. 

Additionally, when your stomach is acidic, the blood quality goes bad, and your liver and kidneys are also stressed. As a result, your liver absorbs fewer vitamins, especially, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin B. 

When these vitamin levels go down in your body, your body doesn’t have enough nutrition to make an immune cell, and if it does make a baby immune cell, it does not have the right amount of nutrition to make it strong. And, if you come in contact with a virus, you can fall sick. 

Tips for building strong immunity 

Diet is the key to a strong immune system. If you are not getting a lot of physical activity done, then eating light should be your main priority. Here’s what Dr. Gamadia suggest for maintaining a healthy gut vis-à-vis a strong immune system: 

  • Avoid heavy grains like jowar, bajra, wheat and too much bread 
  • Avoid excessive spices in your food
  • Eat rice-based foods
  • Cook your vegetables well
  • Avoid having too much protein if you don’t exercise regularly 

Avoiding excessive consumption of the foods listed above will ensure that your gut is not acidic, your blood quality is good, your body PH is right, and the vitamins you take are absorbed well. 

Key Takeaway

Lack of sleep, excessive smoking, a crazy work schedule - the list of stressors that weaken your immune system is endless. But for those looking to rebuild their immunity, strengthening your gut health is a good place to start. The less acidic your gut is, the more oxygenated your blood becomes, and the better your body can absorb essential nutrients. Listed above is a detailed guide by Dr. Jewel Gamadia on immunity, its co-relation to acidity, and important tips on what helps your body grow and nurture strong immune cells. 

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