Chin Implant Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

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Chin Implant Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

Chin Implant Surgery: Everything you need to know

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A well-defined jawline is considered an attractive physical trait but everyone does not have a perfect and definite jawline. In recent years, cosmetic surgeries have made it possible for people to improve their jawline contour. People undergo chin implants to sharpen their look and achieve a more appealing appearance.

In this article, let’s learn from a famous plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Debraj Shome about the Chin Implant Surgery - What is it and how it helps in improving your appearance.

What are chin implants?

Chin implants are small, solid devices made from a biocompatible, material silicone, which is moulded to fit around a patient’s chin bone. They vary in size and contour which helps to achieve the desired degree of enhancement and provide the most natural-looking result. Since the “button style” implants that were traditionally used, chin implants have come a long way. Surgeons now go for wrap-around implants to add width to the sidewalls of the chin.

What is chin implant surgery?

Also known as chin augmentation (enlargement) and chin enhancement, chin implant surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure often used to correct a weak or recessed chin, which can create an imbalanced facial profile. It involves the insertion of an artificial implant to enhance the appearance of the chin. It can also improve the appearance of jowls or neck sagging by providing better support to the tissues in the area. Many people get chin implants for cosmetic reasons, but sometimes, the surgery can help reconstruct your face. 

Typically, chin implant surgery involves inserting an implant around the chin bone to enhance its size and contour. The process entails making a small incision inside the mouth to create room for the implant, which is then placed around the chin bone. The incision inside the mouth allows for a discreet insertion with no visible skin incisions. As a result, this procedure can significantly improve facial balance, elongate the face, and enhance the profile of the patient.

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of the chin, chin implants offer a less invasive alternative compared to other procedures that require bone manipulation and fat removal through liposuction. Moreover, as the surgeon makes the incisions either under the chin or inside the mouth, visible scarring is minimal in chin implant surgery.

Benefits of a chin implant surgery

  • A chin implant gives a more balanced look to your face, jawline, and side profile
  • Helps in restoring the lost chin volume
  • Reduces and removes the appearance of a double chin caused by a small chin bone
  • Increases the chin size
  • Corrects congenital malformation of the chin


Chin implant surgery is a fairly low-risk procedure that can help add definition and balance to your chin and jawline. Some patients even opt to get a chin implant with other procedures such as rhinoplasty or face lift.

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