Different Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

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Different Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Different Ways to Get Rid of Dark Lips

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Who would not want soft and pink lips? These kinds of lips are not just appealing but also enhance one's look. However, over a period of time some people develop dark lips, which becomes a cause of concern for them. In this article, Dr Aanchal Panth explains the causes of the darkening of the lips and how one can treat them. 

Causes of Dark Lips 

The most common cause due to which people develop dark lips is the lifestyle and the amount of sun exposure one receives in their day-to-day life. Dr Panth says that if a person has a majority of outdoor work, then there are chances that they might develop dark lips. In this scenario, the sunscreen comes to the rescue, as one should also apply it on their lips. 

The second cause for the darkening of lips is the intake of hot tea or coffee. The high temperature of the beverage can cause damage to the skin leading to dark lips.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are also among the major reasons due to which one's lip tends to get darker. In men, smoking is considered one of the most common causes of the darkening of lips.  Even in some cases, wearing liquid lipstick or darker shade lipstick can make one's lips darker. Licking and smacking lips can also result in darker lips. 

Further, Dr Aanchal explains that the darkening of lips can be familiar, implying that it is genetic. If other members of the family have the issue of dark lips, then there are chances that one might suffer from the same problem. This type of darkening of lips is a little bit tougher to treat. 

If a person is suffering from vitamin deficiency such as B12 deficiency or iron deficiency, it can result in dark lips. Additionally, certain drugs, such as antimalarials, tetracycline, or the application of hydroquinone cream, can cause an individual's lips to darken. 

Some people might also suffer from a condition called lichen planus, wherein a reaction occurs beneath the skin resulting in the formation of cells between the epidermis and dermis, which damages the lower part of the epidermis. As a result, the formation of more pigment is formed, which leads to darker lips.  Also, the darkening of the lips can be caused by allergic reactions.

What is the treatment for dark lips?

To treat these dark lips, one needs to stop smoking or chewing tobacco. Dr Panth also advises to immediately stop licking or smacking of lips if one is facing darkening of lips. Further, one should also stop using long-wear lipsticks as they contain a higher content of lead, which leads to dark lips. Before going off to bed, one should make sure that the person removes every bit of the lipstick from their lips. 

Since too much sun exposure makes the lips darker, one should always buy types of lip balm which has a sun protection factor. Dr Panth advises to re-apply the lip balm regularly in 2-3 hours.

Dr Aanchal says that if an individual has cracked lips, then he or she should apply lip cream to make lips look soft and moisturised. One can consider lip balms such as Glolip-SP lip balm, Lipolent-UV lip balm and Sun Kroma lip balm.

One can also consider chemical peels which help in shedding the dark skin on the lips. Dr Panth advises peels such as lactic acid peel and mild glycolic acid peels to make the lips look lighter. To notice changes, one should take at least 6 to 8 sessions of these chemical peels.  

Dr Panth says that a laser is also a good option to lighten the lips. Filler injections are also one of the ways through which one can attain plumper and pinkish lips. The effects of fillers remain for 12 to15 months. 

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Lips 

Lemon and sugar scrub helps in exfoliating and lightening lips. Use one slice of lemon, put sugar on top and gently rub your lips. Once the lips are scrubbed, apply honey on top of it and leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off.

For dry cracked lips, one can apply coconut oil before going to bed. Dr Panth advises doing it regularly to see results. 


One can make these changes in their lifestyle to witness the results and to get soft and plump lips. 

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