Everything You Need To Know About Derma Rollers

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Everything You Need To Know About Derma Rollers

Derma roller is an effective skin treatment to improve skin texture and remove deep scars.

Everything You Need To Know About Derma Rollers

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Of the many procedural inventions for skincare that have flooded the markets in recent times, the derma roller has made it to the top. While creams and gels are considered important for healthier skin, the invention of derma rollers has taken skincare to the next level. Derma rollers are instruments with a set of fine needles at the end of a roller, which upon pricking the skin stimulate collagen formation. Collagen formation occurs when there is an injury to the skin and cells rush toward the affected area to help the skin. In fact, the term ‘derma roller’ is used colloquially for any type of micro-needling instrument. 

Dermatologist Dr. Aanchal Panth, MD, explains that the function of a derma roller is basically to form superficial punctures on the surface of the skin in order to improve the blood flow in that area. It also stimulates collagen formation and improves the texture of the skin. Derma rollers help in improving the condition of the skin especially for open pores, fine lines, and textural changes. Not only that, the dermatologist also mentions that the use of derma rollers shows improvement even in deep scars.

Which Is Better, A Derma Roller Or A Derma Pen?
Derma rollers cause superficial and unpredictable injury to the skin, leaving an angular injury that is wider. A derma pen is a tubular structure with multiple needles at the end that go to and fro, making a predictable smaller and thinner injury on the skin. Therefore, the healing process with a derma pen is much better than with a derma roller.

A derma roller has a higher chance of causing tears in the skin and sometimes makes the scars look worse. With a derma pen, one can control the depth of penetration, the punctures that are formed are thinner and less wide as compared to a derma roller. 

By the description of the functioning of the derma pen, it may appear to be a painful procedure but it is a light prick in the skin that does not hurt. Since the needles cause injury to the skin, leading to collagen formation and collagen remodelling, the injury has to be of a specific type, which is not too deep and not too harsh. An injury can leave a scar. A derma pen is also responsible for heating the skin, which in turn helps in better collagen remodelling and improves deep scars.

Hence, the dermatologist recommends not using such skin enhancement instruments at home as one must know the proper way of using the device.

How Are Micro-Needling Devices Used In A Clinic?
In a controlled environment under the supervision of a professional, Dr. Aanchal states that first the quality, texture, and type of scars on the skin are assessed. It is important to understand how deep the needles can penetrate the skin and in how many sessions can the problem be tackled. 

The depth of these micro-needling instruments ranges from zero to five, and they are used depending on the type of scars. The depth is inversely proportional to the area that is being treated. For instance, on the cheeks, the needles used are upto two millimetres, whereas on the forehead, temple region, and jawline, they are slightly superficial.

How Often Should Micro- Needling Be Performed?
Dr Aanchal states that it all depends on the type and depth of the scars on the skin. As for the procedure, it takes a period of two to six weeks, depending upon the underlying condition and depth of the scars. 

How Quickly Do You See The Results And What Is Post-Procedure Care?
Positive results on the skin may be evident immediately, but are not long-lasting. She explains that a large number of fluids flow into the area of the skin when there is an injury in order to heal the skin. This is reflected in the initial pumping and glowing effect, which settles in about seven days. The stable difference comes to light when there is collagen remodelling, which usually takes about two to three months.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that after this procedure, the skin is sensitive and any exposure can lead to skin darkening. If possible, stay away from the sun as much as possible, use sunscreen religiously, moisturise the skin at least thrice a day, and use gentle cleansers.

Use A Derma Roller At Home, But With Precautions
Begin by making sure that the skin is make-up free and clean. Don’t be harsh on the skin. First, do a patch test with the derma pen to see the effects, and then proceed to the scars. Keep away from cream while using a derma roller and use mesotherapy solutions instead. People with active acne or herpes labialis should avoid using derma rollers.

It is a tricky and prickly procedure for the skin, but it is something that will give you fresh and glowing skin for years to come. From the look of it, derma rollers are sure to give you jitters but the way they rejuvenate the skin is unique and highly effective.

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