Get Perfect Eyebrows With Microblading: All You Need To Know

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Get Perfect Eyebrows With Microblading: All You Need To Know

Here’s everything you need to know about microblading for the eyebrows.

Get Perfect Eyebrows with Microblading

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Be it Deepika Padukone or Kim Kardashian, every girl wants their thick, luscious, full eyebrows. Are you someone who is looking for well-arched eyebrows? Or are you someone who has scanty eyebrows and does not know how to fix it? 

Don’t worry because the answer is here. As we know there is a solution to every problem, so it is even for getting a new set of brows. Today, you can build and design your own eyebrows from scratch. The exact shape, size and width can be determined by you and you alone through a hassle-free process called microblading. 

So, let’s find out a little more about microblading for the eyebrows and what it takes to become an architect of the best eyebrows in town. A short excerpt of a conversation with Dr Shikha Baghi Bhandari, Founder and CEO, Timeless Aesthetics, throws light on this procedure along with some do’s and don’ts that will help you decide on how to proceed while considering microblading.

What is microblading? How is it different from tattooing?

Microblading is one of the techniques under permanent eyebrows. So, basically there are two techniques when we talk about permanent eyebrows, one is microblading and the second is micropigmentation. 

Microblading is using a hand tool to create single hair strokes in order to give the strokes effect and micro pigmentation is when we use a machine to give a shaded effect. Now, the difference between microblading, pigmentation or makeup and tattooing are that when doing permanent makeup the service provider puts the pigment in the first layer of the skin, which is the epidermis, while in tattoos, the pigment is placed in the dermis (which is mid to lower dermis). So permanent makeup is actually semi-permanent in relativity to a tattoo because as the epidermis sheds so does some amount of the pigment over time.

Over the next couple of years, the effects of the procedure slowly fade out. Hence, it is important to note that it’s not going to last a lifetime while tattoos remain forever. And of course, the pigments are different, the techniques are different, the machines are different, and so are the results. With permanent makeup, we expect beautiful natural results, while with tattoos, the brows look horrible.  

If someone is receptive to microblading for the eyebrows, what are the key points that they should consider?

A few points to keep in mind when opting for microblading are:

  • First, choose the correct service provider. One must ask for their complete work. By this we mean, the look of the eyebrows once healed (healed work) to actually understand the processes and to know if the results fit the client’s criteria. 

  • Secondly, find out the kind of pigments they use. This is because the techniques and the pigments have big effects on the results which is important.

  • Three, make sure your service provider is doing a complete eyebrow mapping and designing before you get into the procedure. Make sure to get it approved before they start working on you.

  • Fourthly, the before care instructions need to be followed with utmost care and attention. No consumption of alcohol a day prior to the procedure, no tea or coffee on the day of the procedure and definitely someone who is not pregnant can opt for the service. 

What are the alternatives to permanent eyebrows? 

People can choose to opt for a tattoo. However, this is not the best option as it gives unnatural results. Some even opt for hair transplant in the eyebrow area but the results for these are also not satisfactory because the hair never grows naturally as compared to your natural eyebrow hair. The hair grows in all directions, and its texture is also extremely thick as compared to the natural eyebrow hair. So, it’s best to choose microblading over any of the above mentioned procedures. 

Are there any contraindications to this procedure that one should be aware of?

This is a safe procedure to go ahead with. The only thing you really need to be aware and careful about is choosing the correct service provider because looking for a cheap quality one is going to bite. If you are not sure of your service provider or are looking for a cheaper option and you land up in a mess, the money you will spend on getting the corrections done, is going to weigh heavy on your pocket. Apart from that, infections usually do not occur. If a good quality pigmentation is being used and there are no allergies, it is safe to proceed with this procedure. 

Is the process painful and for how long does it last? 

The treatment does not invoice pain due to the use of pre-numbing creams before and numbing gels during the procedure. Besides, since this is taking place in the epidermis, which is void of the nerve supply, feeling any kind of pain is eliminated. As long as the technique is correct and it does not enter the dermis (usually where the pain can start) the customer is safe. In case one does suffer from pain, then that becomes a sign of a service provider using the wrong technique. The results for permanent makeup usually last for more than two years but we suggest a yearly touch up so that they keep looking fresh. The procedure is complete in two sittings with a minimum of 30 days between both sittings. This is because it takes about 28 days for the skin to heal. The ideal time for the second sitting is after 31-90 days. 

How much would microblading for the eyebrows cost?

The entire service of two sittings costs approximately between Rs 20,000-25,000 if chosen to be done with a good and reputed service provider.  

Can one get both botulinum toxin and microblading done simultaneously?

Ideally one must get microblading done first and botulinum toxin later. Both can be done in the same sitting but the brows need to be touched first and botulinum toxin needs to be injected after that. In case someone has already done botulinum toxin, then you need to wait at least two weeks in order to be sure that there is no asymmetry that has been created by botulinum toxin. Incase of any asymmetry that is created then one will have to wait for the entire effect of the botulinum toxin to finish before one touches their face for microblading.

Thus, for anyone having eyebrow woes, you know what you need to do now. It’s time to choose the best to look your best!

Disclaimer: The above content is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified physician or doctor. The Company does not vouch for or endorse any of the above content, and disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, relating to the same.