Get That (Thread) Lift!

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Get That (Thread) Lift!

Is your anti-ageing regimen hanging by a thread? Pun intended here! Thread lifts are the latest rage to give you that younger radiant look. Here we are debunking the myths of thread-based facials for you.

Get that (thread) lift!

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Until very recently, the only way to get rid of sagging skin and hanging jowls was to go under the scalpel and get a facelift surgery done. The procedure was invasive, posed many risks, and had a long recovery time before you could reap the benefits of the procedure. Then came the thread-lift facials and transformed the world of cosmetic treatments with its many benefits. 

Thread based facial, also known as thread lift treatment, is a minimally invasive, relatively pain-free procedure with minimal recovery time that shows instant results. Let’s dive in deeper to understand in detail about thread lift.

What is thread lifting? 

Using temporary, medical grade sutures to subtly ‘lift’ up the sagging skin and wrinkles is known as thread lift. The procedure is much simpler than surgery and possesses no risks that accompany the traditional facelifts that include removing the loose skin surgically.

The thread lift provides a pulling effect that deals with the lack of elasticity in the ageing skin. It also combats ageing by triggering the natural body response of healing over the thread suture, thus stimulating collagen production in the area. Collagen plays a vital role in rejuvenating the lifted skin.

As thread lifts stimulate collagen generation, individuals have noticed improved skin tone and increased firmness. It is important that the procedure is performed by the professional, because if the sutures are placed superficially, they might be visible even after healing. Although, patients cannot feel the sutures at all, once they are completely healed. 

Thread lifting is a great way to lift-off your beautiful skin when done accurately. So, if and when you decide to give it a go, choose your dermatologist wisely.

Is thread lift the right choice for you? 

The best candidates for thread based facials are individuals in their mid-30s, experiencing early to moderate signs of ageing and loss of skin elasticity. Thread lift provides an instantaneous albeit short lived lift of the skin and stimulates collagen production. The procedure is not an ideal option for the sagging, already aged skin, but for getting a lift-me-up for those who are feeling the lack of collagen and losing tautness. Mid or lower part of the face are the ideal parts to use thread lift on. Individuals of all gender assigns can get the procedure done if they fit and may benefit from the criteria.

Prepare yourself for the thread lift 

Like most medical procedures that include anaesthesia as a part of the treatment, there are certain precautions that must be taken before undergoing the thread lifting facial treatment. It is advisable to refrain from taking any blood thinners, and food supplements for two weeks before the scheduled procedure. You must also refrain from taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) as they may lead to excess bleeding or bruising. Cutting back smoking and alcohol consumption is also encouraged as a precaution. 

If there is a persistent skin infection, it is best to postpone the procedure. Similarly, if you have a dental procedure scheduled in the immediate future, it is best to get it out of the way and then schedule your thread lift treatment. You must talk to your doctor before deciding on the process to understand all the pros and cons, to know if you are a qualifying candidate, and to inform them of all skin conditions you are prone to or if you are using specific medications for a variety of reasons. 

Busting the myths 

  • Thread lift is minimally invasive and no scalpel is used in the procedure. Instead small medical grade suture is used to hold up the skin, giving it a lifting effect.
  • Thread lifting is safe and a valid alternative for the surgical procedure such as facelift.
  • Thread lift does not stretch your skin too much causing thinning of skin and excess dryness, which is a possibility in surgical face lifts.
  • The thread lifting procedure uses local anaesthesia to eliminate the small amount of pain caused during suture placement. The procedure is often called mildly discomforting and not painful at all by the patients. 
  • While short lived, the results of thread lift are instantaneous and pose less complications post procedure. 
  • Right aftercare is required to reap complete benefits of the procedure. The aftercare usually includes not putting pressure on the treated areas, using lifted pillows to lower the pressure, not rubbing the skin vigorously, and use of mild cosmetics.
  • Thread lifting is one of the best options to keep early signs of ageing at bay.

Thread lifting may not be a solution for everyone, but the qualifying category of individuals can reap the instant face lifting effects of a thread lift. With correct aftercare as suggested by your dermatologist, it can be the right solution for you!

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