How To Lighten The Dark Private Areas

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How To Lighten The Dark Private Areas

How to lighten the dark private areas

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One of the most common questions that women have related to her private parts is 'why the area is dark, and how to lighten it'. The colour difference in the intimate areas is quite visible. Here in this article, Dr Aanchal Panth sheds light on some of these common questions of women related to their intimate areas and what are the reasons that cause the darkness in these areas. 

Dr Panth first explains the difference between the vagina and the vulva. She says, the opening which is located inside is known as the vagina, whereas the lip area which has an opening outwards is known as the vulva. She further continues that it is very common for women to have a dark vulva. The dark vulva is not counted as any disease nor one can change the dark colour of the intimate part into pink. 

Though the colour of a human body is similar from top to bottom at the time of birth however, over time, due to friction these intimate parts tend to get darkened. As a person hits puberty, which is at the age of 12-13 years, the body starts producing 'oestrogen'. Oestrogen is a hormone which plays an important role in the human reproductive system. 

When these estrogens are increased in number, it tends to increase the number of hormones called 'Melanocyte stimulating hormone' (MHS). As the MHS increases, areas around the nipple and vulva get darker. 

What is normal and what is not?

Dr Panth explains, if a person's vulva area is 2 or 3 shades darker than their actual skin tone, then it is a normal sign. However, if the skin near the intimate area is a little darker with skin looking velvety and also has thick thighs, then the person should consult their dermatologist.

Can we make the vulva pink? 

No, neither any cream nor any lotion can change the colour of the vulva. The colour of the area will remain dark, and it is completely normal. 

What decides the colour of the vulva?

The colour of the body decides the colour of the nipple and vulva. If the body is darker in colour, then it is common to have 2-3 shades darker nipples and vulva. 

How to take care of these intimate areas?

To keep these intimate areas clean and fresh, it is important to use good and mild body wash or soap in the area. Dr Panth advises that one should avoid any kind of scrub and other harsh washes as they might create irritation in those areas. There are also chances that these areas may get even darker with hard washes. 

Do you know there are good bacteria in the vagina? 

Dr Panth says that the vaginal area has good bacteria which help in fighting with problems like fighting fungal infections. However, if those areas are overwashed, there are chances that one might develop fungal infections. It is also advisable not to use any fragrance products as they contain chemicals which irritate the area. 

One can keep the intimate area moisturised with light creams. Dr Panth says that one should avoid wearing tight bottom wears as it creates friction and causes darkening. 

One of the most important tips to keep the intimate area clean and fresh is to wear cotton undergarments instead of nylon. Nylon underwear does not absorb sweat and causes irritation. 

An individual should avoid using hair removal cream in intimate areas as it can lead to darkening of these areas. If one wants to remove the hair from these areas, then one can trim it. 

Things to avoid 

Dr Aanchal Panth advises to avoid using any skin-lightening creams or harsh scrubs. These creams contain acids, which can easily irritate the skin and make it even darker. 


Lastly, the darkening of these vulva areas is completely common, and the colours can neither be changed. Vulva areas are always 2-3 shades darker than the actual skin tone of an individual.

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