Use These Make-Up Removal Tips For Glowing Skin

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Use These Make-Up Removal Tips For Glowing Skin

Going off to sleep with the makeup still on is the worst one can do to one’s skin; thus make up removal techniques are to be known essentially for a brighter, healthy skin.

Use these make-up removal tips for glowing skin

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Waking up to a healthy, glowing skin is a good way to start a day afresh. After all, it has the potential to lift your mood for the entire day. Ask any woman, the hard task is not to wear makeup but to remove it. Whether it is a simple mascara and lipstick or a complete makeup for a professional requirement, either way it takes effort to remove makeup, especially at the end of a tiring day.

Yet going off to sleep while your make-up is still on, has its own dreaded consequences, which is why a number of tips, tricks and products are suggested to remove makeup. Thorough cleansing and scrubbing also sometimes do not help. A professional advice needs to be heard once before trying multiple products and remedies.

Dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor, shares a few gentler techniques of make-up removal that work everytime.

  • Use Baby Oil Or Coconut Oil - A very simple and common technique of removing makeup is by using baby oil or any thin oil such as coconut oil. These oils are gentle on the skin and easily take the make-up product with itself when wiped with an oil dipped cotton ball.
  • Use Make-up Cleanser - Another commonly available product for removing makeup is a make-up cleanser. The cleanser can be used to massage the face for a few seconds - including your chin, ears and hairline. Let the product sit for half a minute. Then wipe off with a wet, white cotton cloth. White colour cloth is preferred, to check if the makeup is really gone.
  • For Long-wearing Products - To remove long-wearing makeup, initially use the make-up remover using a cotton ball; this is to be followed by steaming and exfoliating to refine the skin texture
  • Micellar Water - Micellar water is another commonly used product. It removes oil and water soluble product pigments. The ones containing alcohol will clean the oil soluble product
  • Use Q-tips To Clean Your Lashes - Mascara and liner take the most time to come off. One can use Q-tips dipped in Vitamin E oil or coconut oil to clean the lashes
  • Tie Your Hair And Clean Your Hairline - Make sure that the makeup removal product reaches your hairline area too.

What Not To Do While Removing Make-up 

  • Don’t Use Cotton Balls - Use cotton pads instead of cotton balls as they may leave behind residue which will stick to the skin after wiping.
  • Don’t Forget To Moisturise Your Skin After Removal - Do not leave the skin without a moisturiser after removing the makeup. Applying moisturiser before sleeping is the best way to let your skin hydrate.
  • Don’t Do Anything In A Hurry - It has taken a lot of time to put that make-up on; it should and will take time to remove, so go slow and thorough. Hence, the make up removal product used, should also be rubbed, spread thoroughly and then wiped off.
  • Do Not Go Off To Sleep - Going off to sleep while still wearing your make-up is one of the worst things that you can subject your skin to.  

Dr Kapoor also emphasises checking what suits your skin for makeup removal. There should be a set regime, if possible, and one should avoid leaving the makeup overnight as it causes irritation, itchiness and many other unintended skin allergies. Following these tips will surely keep your skin glowing with and without makeup.  

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