A Complete Guide On Keratin Treatment For Frizz-Free Hair

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A Complete Guide On Keratin Treatment For Frizz-Free Hair

Keratin comes in two forms, the primitive, softer forms found in all vertebrates and the harder, derived forms found only among reptiles and birds.

A Complete Guide On Keratin Treatment For Frizz-Free Hair

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To flaunt frizz-free, smooth, straight hair is a challenge for every woman. After a wash, the long locks of hair are perfect for a while but pollution, heat, and dust ensure that the hair becomes dull after a visit outdoors. While home remedies are a great way to care for your hair, achieving shiny non-frizzy hair at home can be a challenge. However, the advancement in the field of hair treatments and styling has given us the invention of keratin treatment that makes the bundle of hair appear simply gorgeous.  

What exactly is keratin?

In medical terms, keratin is a tough protein chain, the formation of which takes place through the cross-linking of amino acids, a combination of water, lipids, and minerals. Alpha-keratin, also known as α-keratin, is found in vertebrates and is the key material that makes up scales, hair, nails, feathers, horns, claws, hooves, and the outer layer of skin. It is a protein that gives strength and elasticity to the hair. In fact, not just the hair, Keratin also protects epithelial cells - a thin, continuous, protective layer of compactly packed cells - from any damage or stress. The job of keratin is to act as an external and internal structural protecting layer for the hair.

Due to constant exposure to the sun, pollution, chemicals, wear and tear, or changes in lifestyle, the naturally present keratin in the hair starts to deplete. This leads to hair losing its natural moisture and nourishment, leaving it to look dry and dull. When the crosslinks in the hair break down, the hair becomes prone to shedding and breaking.

So what is Keratin treatment?

It is a chemical process that brings shine and frizz-free hair. The keratin treatment is also known as Brazilian keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowout. The process involves adding artificial keratin to the hair which makes it look smooth and shiny. It is the overly porous hair that causes it to frizz, tangle and break. The keratin treatment works wonders as it helps fill in the porous gaps in the hair. Keratin treatment helps in rebuilding the hair by bringing back the lost protein into the strands.

“It is a derivative, a kind of protein which is used to open the hair cuticles and straighten it down. It helps in cuticle build-up giving frizz-free hair. There are chemicals used for the treatment but they aren’t as grave as they used to be earlier in the smoothing and straightening process. It has lesser ammonia and chemical quantity which makes it better than the harsher treatments,” says Dr Sweta Sinha, CEO, Founder & Medical Director, of Alaana Skin Hair & Laser Clinic.

The procedure of keratin involves applying products to the hair, followed by blow-drying, and sealing the products with a flat iron. This helps in binding the Keratin already present in the hair. Permeating the hair with keratin treatment helps in calming down and sealing the lost keratin that is making the hair frizzy. 

How does the Keratin process work?

Before the treatment begins, the hair is cleansed thoroughly, stripping it of any oil or products. A shampoo is followed by applying keratin from root to end. The application is combined with constant combing, ensuring the even distribution of the product. The product-filled hair is kept dry until it becomes 75–80 per cent moisture-free, which is then followed by blow drying to make it smooth. After blow drying and a few flat iron presses, the hair becomes straighter and smoother. It remains like this for up to three months. Though the procedure of keratin treatment remains similar, the steps can vary from stylist to stylist.

The duration of sitting through keratin treatment can range from two to four hours, depending upon the length of the hair and its texture.

Does keratin hair treatment work for all and is it safe?

According to experts, it is important to take into cognisance a simple fact: whether the treatment suits the hair type or not. As per professionals, this treatment is best suited for curly or frizzy textured hair. However, it is best to avoid this treatment if your hair is fine and relatively straight, as the heat and heavy protein from the treatment will thin it out.

“We don’t tell people to use chemicals on their hair if they have issues such as hair fall or thinning. But looking at the need of the hour, everyone is aiming for aesthetically beautiful hair. In such scenarios, getting a keratin treatment is a far better option than straightening and smoothing,” informs the Mumbai-based expert.

The keratin treatment products release formaldehyde, a pungent, colourless gas, that can pose a problem. Therefore, check in advance if the products are formaldehyde-free or contain any other form of formaldehyde. One can opt for straighteners containing glyoxylic acid as it doesn’t convert into a formaldehyde gas when heated with a smoothing iron.

However, Dr Sinha also has a few words of advice for people to follow after the keratin treatment to prolong its effects. “The frequency of hair washing should be less. One should opt for SLS-free shampoo, keratin shampoo, and hair serum as it will prevent the hair cuticles from opening up fast in pollution,” she adds.

Lastly, debunking one of the popular myths surrounding keratin treatment, the expert says, “People need to make an informed decision when going for any hair treatment. There is a common myth that people associate with a keratin treatment that is chemical-free. People sit with the notion that there is no involvement of chemicals at all, but there is, however, in a small quantity. It is any day better than the chemicals used in straightening and smoothing.”    

In totality, a keratin treatment is best suited for a certain type of hair, and one should always first check the texture of the hair. Rest assured, after the treatment, the hair will look shiny and frizz-free for months.

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