Best Supplements For Treating Common Hair Problems

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Best Supplements For Treating Common Hair Problems

Check out this list of nutritionist-recommended supplements for treating hair problems such as oily scalp, dandruff, hair greying, hair thinning and hair loss.

Best Supplements For Treating Common Hair Problems

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Scalp and hair problems are fairly common nowadays, thanks to the modern-day lifestyle, chemical treatments, stress and pollution. These stressors can cause dandruff, hair fall, thinning and an overactive oily scalp. Unless the hair problem is too extreme, you can usually treat it with certain supplements, dietary changes and proper hair care. Dr. Jewel Gamadia, a celebrity nutritionist, shares what supplements work best for which hair problems, and what causes these hair problems in the first place. 

  • Oily scalp

While everyone’s hair gets oily sometimes, those with overactive sebaceous glands can have excessively oily scalps. Sometimes, an oily scalp can result from a lack of personal hygiene, an unhealthy diet, hormonal fluctuations, scalp infections and/or stress. Genetics, too, play a part in some cases. If you have an oily skin type, stop consuming dairy products and milk tea and start a supplementation of zinc tablets (25 mg) a day in the morning or afternoon for two months. 

  • Thinning hair

Thinning hair can be due to genetics, lifestyle habits or an underlying medical condition. When your hair starts thinning, it’s usually because the hair follicles are receiving little to no nutrition. To prevent hair thinning, take a single tablet daily of biotin (up to 5000mcg) and zinc (25-30 mg) in the morning or afternoon and iron (25-30 mg) in the afternoon or evening. Try this supplementation for 45 to 60 days. Additionally, eat a balanced diet, reduce stress, and consider quitting smoking if you smoke.

  • Hair loss

Extreme hair loss is the next stage after hair thinning. Usually, it happens due to a hereditary condition called androgenic alopecia that happens with ageing. But if you are young and experiencing extreme loss, you may need added supplementation. Consider taking vitamin A-rich foods or vitamin A tablets, iron (25-30 mg), biotin (5000mcg), zinc (20-25mg) and B12. To get the right dosage of B12, get your current levels checked first.

  • Dandruff

Dandruff is a very common skin condition that isn’t contagious or deadly but it can be extremely embarrassing and stressful for some people. If you are struggling with excessive dandruff in your hair, stop having excessive butter, ghee, oil and milk tea immediately. Once you have stopped consuming these, only then should you start your supplements of B12 and zinc (25-30mg). If you are supplementing yourself with B12, make sure to not take it at night. Also, skin hygiene is extremely important in preventing dandruff, so shampoo your hair at least twice a week.

  • Hair greying

Everyone gets grey hair as they grow older, but smoking and stress can accelerate the process. Additionally, when your liver is extremely stressed and your B12 levels go low, your hair can start greying. Before you start supplementing your B12 levels, make sure to reduce any stress on your liver. You can eliminate reused or hydrogenated oil and processed food from your diet, reducing excessive alcohol and getting proper sleep. 

More severe cases of hair problems that result from genetics and underlying medical conditions, as well as severe scalp infections may require scalp treatments from trained specialists. But for milder cases, usually a well-balanced diet and a temporary supplementation of nutrients stated above is enough. Each hair issue has a specific underlying cause; without identifying it, you cannot find the right cure. If you think the problem persists, contact a dermatologist or hair specialist immediately. 

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