Healthy Hair In Winter: Top Hair Care Tips

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Healthy Hair In Winter: Top Hair Care Tips

Winter is a tough time for nourishing skin and hair, which is why protection is needed for both. Here are super easy tips for healthy hair in winters.

Healthy hair in winter: Top hair care tips

Image Source: Dinodia

Winters are lovely, especially when the sun shines warmly on you. We love to step out, plan vacations and of course, welcome the new year. But maintaining healthy hair in winter becomes tough as the air becomes dry and the temperature low. Both can lead to hair becoming frizzy or dry. Since we use hot water to bathe, that too affects the health and overall quality of our hair. 

Dr. Rinky Kapoor, a hair care expert, suggests easy tips for common hair problems during winters: 

  • Dry And Itchy Hair - Lack of moisture is the main reason for dry hair. Dryness increases as the scalp is not hydrated - causing itchiness, the next stage of which is flakiness and dandruff. Keeping your hair moist using oil, conditioners and hair serum is helpful for nourishing the hair follicles. This stimulates growth too.

  • Hair Breakage - Friction from covering the hair with scarves and hats strains the hair and makes them prone to breakage. Use hats and scarves judiciously and preferably when stepping outdoors. 

  • Dandruff - White or yellow flakes are predominantly due to dry scalp or fungal infections which could be due to severe winters. Use of anti-dandruff shampoo helps. A high level of sugar in the diet increases the dandruff, so control the sugar intake.

  • Brushing - Brushing hair gently yet frequently helps to keep the scalp healthy. A balanced diet with good quality protein helps keep the nourishment intact.

  • Styling Damaged Hair - Air drying is the best way to allow your hair to dry after a good head wash. Blow-drying or heat-styling of other kinds sucks the moisture making the scalp more dry, which makes the hair brittle. Let your hair dry naturally, and try styling them with some heat free tools.

  • Uncovered Hair - Covering hair shields hair from moisture loss, at least when outdoors. Hats and scarves can also affect your hair adversely, yet they cause less damage when compared to loss of moisture. So hats / caps / scarves should be used when outdoors.

  • Hot Water Damage - It is impossible to avoid hot water showers during winters, yet a moderate water temperature could be an option. Hot water takes away the moisture and makes hair more brittle. A cool rinse is always better, especially in winters. Use a sulphate free, preferably keratin shampoo to keep the moisture intact. Using a conditioner after shampoo and a hair serum are additional care steps.

Simple Solutions For Keeping Your Hair Healthy In Winter

  • Wear a hat to prevent moisture loss 

  • Use a humidifier indoors so as to maintain a moisture level 

  • Regular trimming will make your hair locks look fresh and prevent split ends 

  • Avoid too much styling through heat treatment 

  • Bring the shower water temperature to moderate

  • Do not wash your hair more than two times a week

  • Eat good quality protein and include sources with Vitamin E and antioxidants

Winter as it is, takes a toll on one’s skin and hair. Moisturising your skin and caring for your hair is important. Your intake will also contribute to a good skin and a great mane. Maintain a healthy diet with hair protein friendly foods such as Omega 3 sources, eggs, chicken, meat and soya. 

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