Allure Of The Glass Skin - The Gen Next Luminiser

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Allure Of The Glass Skin - The Gen Next Luminiser

Embrace the Korean beauty trend for a super dewy, fresh and hydrated look!

Allure Of The Glass Skin - The Gen Next Luminiser

Image Source: Dinodia

These days K-pop and K-dramas are everywhere. South Korean pop culture has seeped into every aspect of our lives, especially among the young crowd. But what about aesthetics? Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of the ‘glass skin’ trend. Now that’s K-beauty for you!

Gone are the days of sun-kissed freckles. Delicate, translucent, dewy skin that resembles a moon flower on a winter night is in. It's smoother than marble, pore-free like glass, and oh-so-hydrated, it could cure a drought!

Indian beauty aficionados can’t get enough of Korean skincare trends. More shine, more glow, more moisture! The sleek, innocent look of the next heartthrob K-pop idol is the look everyone wants to have. How to achieve that look, what to do and what not to do, what are the challenges for Indian skin – we have got answers to all your questions.

What is glass skin?

Switch on any Korean series or K-pop song, and bam! Glass skin is everywhere. 

The super hydrated, luminous, bright, pore-free skin that shines like water on a sultry noon, that's glass skin. The glow is unmistakable, you can see the hydration from across the screen, and the texture is so smooth, you want to reach out and check if it's real (of course you touch the glass of your TV and it's just as smooth. Secret is in the name after all!)

This impeccable look has attracted the audience because it's fresh. Hollywood and Bollywood have glorified bold and beautiful, sexy and feisty, wild and winning looks for a long time. It's about time that a new innocent look came to life. It ensnares the heart, brings femininity to the most masculine characters, and breathes life into twists and turns. One can surely see the appeal of this famous glass skin. 

Indian skin - The right way to get it glowing

Indian skin has a different texture than Caucasians or even some of the other Asian nations. We have thick skin prone to tanning, however, it's less prone to sunburning. The weather pattern and pollution also lead to excess dirt and dust accumulating on the skin, which needs to be cleansed deeply yet gently. 

One of the major skincare blunders is using the top-listed skincare products without knowing the skin type. To achieve glass skin, it is important to remove excess oil, dirt, and dust along with the deep cleansing of pores. What's more important, is to retain hydration throughout this process. The dewy is not just any adjective used to define the glass skin. It is the essence of it. 

With Indian skin type, therefore, it's a tricky process to achieve perfectly smooth, glowing skin. You just need a little more patience and the correct skincare products to follow your regimen to the T. Besides, there are many ways to achieve this goal.

Skip the tedious regimen

If you are not a fan of following a lengthy and tedious 12-step skincare regimen daily to gain beautiful pore-less glass skin, many clinics offer non-invasive skin enhancement procedures to deeply pamper your skin.

The goal is to gain that smooth, brightened, hydrated, and youthful complexion in a matter of hours rather than days. The treatment usually includes a transdermal infusion of hydrating serums into the skin without direct skin contact. High-pressure machines are used to achieve this effect. Experts can perform the procedure in a span as small as 45 minutes. It is important to talk with the skin expert, understand your skin requirements, and go ahead with these procedures only when you get the go-ahead from a dermatology expert. 

Slow and steady means bright and glowy

For those who want to feel the difference and experience the joy of transforming their skin to the beauty of dreams, here is a nine-step regimen that shall never fail you.

  1. Double cleansing (first with oil-based cleaner, then the regular micellar water)

  2. Next comes the hydrating cleanser

  3. Followed by Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) peel-exfoliator (not to be used every day)

  4. It's time to use the hydrating toner to soothe the skin 

  5. Another layer of hydrating milk is necessary to get that dewy glow

  6. Vitamin C skin serum adds to the regenerative properties, leading to youthful skin

  7. Never forget your trustworthy moisturiser

  8. Now for the secret to glowing skin - hyaluronic acid-based cream 

  9. Sunscreen is no joke. It's a must before you step out every morning

While this regimen shall give you a dewy effect sooner rather than later, it takes time to achieve the level of smoothness that you desire. In the meantime, there are make-up shimmers and tints to make you look picture-perfect with glass skin. 

Disclaimer: The above content is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified physician or doctor. The Company does not vouch for or endorse any of the above content, and disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, relating to the same.