Five Skincare Hacks That Work Wonders For Women

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Five Skincare Hacks That Work Wonders For Women

The perfect skincare routine is surprisingly simple. Try these five skincare tips to protect your skin from sun exposure, pollution and stress.

Five Skincare Hacks That Work Wonders For Women

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Everybody loves flawless and glowing skin, but how many of us can boast about it? A lot of us suffer from acne, blackheads and other skin irritants. Between pollution, dust, cleaning chemicals and lack of ventilation in indoor spaces, skin health takes a massive hit. Here are five skincare hacks that you can incorporate into your daily life, without breaking the bank.

While there has to be a long-term commitment to see proper results, these skincare tweaks can show quick and visible results. Let’s take a look at some of the important skincare rituals and precautions that one should strive to maintain for healthy, glowing and youthful skin. 

For A Stress-free Skincare Routine 

1. Get Sun Protection

Avoiding the Sun is a sureshot and easy way to take care of your skin. Exposure to the Sun for long periods causes sunburn, premature ageing, and puts you at risk for skin problems, including skin cancer. Most smartphones show the UV index of a location in the weather widget. If your phone has the weather widget, you can use this index guide and decide accordingly.

  • If the UV index of a location is between 0 and 2, it is safe to be outdoors
  • However, if the UV index is between 3 and 7, use a sunscreen and wear protective clothing 
  • Whereas, if the UV index is 8 and above, it is best to avoid outdoors around noon. But if you must, then carry an umbrella or/and wear a hat

To protect the skin, apply a sunscreen, with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30. Even if you are indoors, a sunscreen of SPF 30 protects the skin from pollutants and dust. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, a sunscreen with an SPF of 60 or more works better. Additionally, if you sweat a lot or do water sports, apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior, and reapply every two hours or more often. 

2. Maintain A Healthy Diet

The secret to healthy skin is good nutrition. While a balanced diet is a must, there are certain foods that especially help in skin rejuvenation. These are foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, etc. You can find these nutrients in foods such as fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel, avocados, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green tea, nuts and seeds.

3. Hydrate Your Body Inside Out 

To keep your body well hydrated, women should drink around 11 to 12 glasses of (2.7 litres) of water a day. But hydration doesn’t just stop at drinking plenty of water. To protect the skin from environmental irritants and to avoid premature ageing, applying moisturiser daily after cleansing may help.

Moisturisers come in various varieties for different skin types. Find out whether you have dry, oily, sensitive skin, or a combination of all skin types. Choose a moisturiser that suits your skin.

4. Exercise Regularly 

Daily exercise has several health benefits including skin rejuvenation. Exercising boosts blood circulation which helps important nutrients to reach the skin cells and detoxify the system. As a result, you get a clean, healthy complexion.

Among all exercises, Yoga is a popular choice which can be done by people of all age groups. In fact, facial yoga has a series of dedicated exercises and breathing techniques that not only keep the daily stressors at bay but also help get flushed cheeks and a youthful jawline. 

5. Make A Bedtime Skincare Routine 

From having clean pillowcases to cleansing the face before bed, the nighttime skincare routine is the yin to the yang of healthy skincare. At night, there are no external stressors like dirt and pollution, nor is there any makeup blocking skin pores. When you indulge in a bedtime skincare routine, the skin is able to absorb the benefits better. 

A cleansing ritual that removes all makeup, followed by a toner, a serum, and a moisturiser is enough. Occasionally, one can also indulge in exfoliation and a face mask to treat the skin with some added nourishment. 

Key Takeaway

Besides all the skincare tips listed above, keep certain precautions in mind. Cigarette smoke has over 4,000 chemicals that prevent the air and nutrients from reaching skin cells and damage elastin and collagen. Smoking can cause the skin to wrinkle and sag prematurely. 

Similarly, undue stress that comes with lack of sleep and/or emotional stress can trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. Avoid smoking, limit caffeine intake, and maintain proper sleep.

Lastly, try these simple skincare hacks before shelling out money on an expensive skincare regimen. A little goes a long way, and that’s true for skincare too. 

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