Questions To Ask Before You Get Botox-ed

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Questions To Ask Before You Get Botox-ed

Going for a minimally invasive procedure such as botulinum toxin (popularly referred to as Botox) is a big decision for you. Make sure you are covering all grounds before you get started.

Questions to ask before you get Botox-ed

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Dermatologists swear by Botox as an effective anti-ageing treatment. Botox injections help in reducing facial wrinkles, and the effects last for six to eight months. Combined with an anti-ageing skincare routine, you can continue to flaunt a youthful face. But before you jump the Botox bandwagon, there are few things you need to know about it. And once you know all about it, you have to ask some relevant questions to your dermatologists in order to ensure that this is the right procedure for you. We are here to help you on both counts.

Know more about Botox

Botox is a proprietary name, and is synonymously used to refer to botulinum toxin or Onobotulinumtoxin A. It is a cosmetic form of the neurotoxin and it is used to ‘freeze’ the muscles. Botulinum toxin, which is made by bacterium clostridium botulinum, is known to paralyse the muscles and when used in the right mono dose, it freezes the facial muscle, resulting in reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Apart from Botox, there are other brands available such as Xeomin and Dysport. All these brands are FDA approved.

Botox is a minimally invasive treatment and thin needles are used to administer the dosage into the muscle. The site of the injection and brand used has to be determined by the dermatologist.

Questions you should ask your dermatologist before undergoing the treatment:

  1. Am I eligible for it? For cosmetic purposes, Botox is administered to patients above 18 years of age. Whether you need it as part of your anti-ageing regimen can be a mutual decision between you and your dermatologist. There are other less invasive options available. But Botox being a less time consuming procedure with results that last up to 3-4 months is a popular choice.

  2. Why am I not eligible? Your doctor would want to know about your medical history and medications before suggesting Botox to you. You are not eligible for Botox if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You are also not eligible if you have neuromuscular disorder or neurological diseases. If you are allergic to Botox, you should avoid it completely. You can discuss alternative treatments with your doctor, if you have fear of needles.

  3. What prep should I do? Generally, a Botox session doesn’t require any prep from the patient, apart from selecting a good doctor and clinic. However, it helps if you stop consumption of tobacco 48 hours before and alcohol at least 24 hours prior to the treatment. You can also take Arnica supplements as they help in lessening bruising and swelling in the body. You are also required to stop non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs before the treatment.

  4. Will it hurt? Yes, it will! It is touted as a minimally invasive treatment but just because there are no knives involved, it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. Because needles do hurt! The injection site will get bruised, red and swollen. The degree of these symptoms varies from person to person. You can apply an ice pack to it but it will continue to hurt for some time. You might also hear a sound made by the syringe as it releases Botox into the muscle.

  5. Will I start looking 10 years younger immediately? NO! A loud resounding no. Don’t expect Botox to act like an iron and erase all wrinkles from your face. It will freeze the muscle, making contractions impossible, thereby stopping the existing lines on your face from furrowing further. However, it will not erase those lines. For it to work as a preventive measure, you need to use it in your early 20s. Moreover, the effects of Botox are visible after seven to eight days.

  6. Can I go back to work immediately after? Yes, you can but it is strongly advisable that you don’t. You are not supposed to do physical activity or exercise; you should not lie down and try to remain in a seated position as per your doctor’s instructions; and do not take any blood thinning medication. Depending on your health, the level of bruising and your occupation, your doctor will give you certain customised post-care instructions.

  7. What is the cost of Botox? You are probably going to ask this question first. The reason it's on this list is to help you make an informed decision about it. Botox prices vary from clinic to clinic and a renowned dermatologist might charge you more. The skill of the dermatologist in administering the injection is instrumental to the treatment. The charges are calculated per ml of dosage, so the amount of Botox injected and the number of sessions involved will determine the final costing. Since, it is not a permanent solution, you might have to go for repeat treatment after the effects wear off. 

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