Shoo Away Body Odour Woes

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Shoo Away Body Odour Woes

Get rid of the unpleasant underarm odour and wear your favourite dress without any worries.

Shoo away body odour woes

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Smelly armpits have been our nemesis since the beginning of the time. No matter what soaps you use or which perfumes you apply to make them fragrant, the underlying odour wins every battle, preventing us from lifting our arms up in the air, carefree. The price you pay is giving up your favourite dress and hugging your loved ones, just so that you can avoid getting embarrassed. 

This unpleasantness knows no bounds, but there are ways to be rid of it and lead an odour-free life. Let’s see how that is possible. 

Don’t sweat about it

Sweat is primarily responsible for the smelly armpits. There are more than two million sweat glands in our body - more in men than women. While sweating is a common body process to prevent overheating of the body. But once the sweat is exposed to bacteria on the skin, it starts giving out an unpleasant smell a.k.a body odour. 

There are two types of sweat glands - eccrine and apocrine. Both these glands are present in the armpit in high numbers, causing excessive sweating in the region. Stress, intense emotions, hormonal imbalance, certain medications and foods cause more sweating.

The eccrine glands release clear liquid that does not smell. The apocrine gland secretes thick fluid that produces a distinct odour when it mingles with the bacteria. Thus, the cycle of body odour begins. 

The armpits contain more sweat glands than the rest of our body. Coupled with underarm hair, constant dampness due to lack of free moving air in the region, the armpits are most susceptible to foul odours. 

Get to the root of it

Consumption of certain spices, garlic, onions, red meat, alcohol cause increased odour as the toxins from the body are released along with the sweat. The odour is so strong at times, that it cannot be masked with the normal deodorants. 

Various health conditions such as hypo or hyperthyroidism, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, excess physical activity and ingestion of certain medications ie. diabetes, hypertension also contribute to peculiar, unpleasant odours.

The hand movements cause the air to pass through the armpits inducing the cringeworthy reaction from those in close proximity. 

Don’t let it get under your skin

The excessive sweating of the body is known as hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating may lead to complications of its own and affect the underarm skin. The sweat contains water, sebum, dead skin cells and toxins. Coupled with bacteria present on skin, the sweat may smell pretty rancid. Not just that, the combination of all this on the skin for a long duration may cause skin infections, breakouts, pigmentation, itchiness and even swelling. Skin peeling is also observed in some individuals. 

While shaving armpits can reduce the sweat and the effect it has on the underarm skin, it is not a feasible or permanent solution to the smelly armpit problem. 

What does your doctor think?

If sweating profusely is something you experience often or if you are suffering from long term dermatological effects due to sweating, it is a good idea to visit your dermatologist. There are many ways that you can rid yourself of body odour and regain confidence, all in one go. 

Taking daily baths, using antibacterial soap to cleanse the body, and keeping the armpits clean and shaven at all times are some of the first things a doctor is bound to suggest. These are the basics of general hygiene anyway, and must be followed at all times. Other general rules are to use loose, moisture wicking clothes and application of topical antiperspirants. But if the problem still persists, there are more intensive procedures available to deal with the smelly armpits. 

  • Injecting small amounts of botulinum may temporarily block sweating.
  • Prescription medicines are also available to prevent sweating, however, they come with a warning, because our body needs sweat to cool down.
  • In severe cases, a procedure can be performed to remove the sweat glands from the underarm. 
  • Another method also includes using blockers to prevent nerve signals from reaching the sweat glands. 
  • Antibiotics may reduce the bacteria on the skin, allowing the body to cool down with sweat while eliminating the foul odour caused due to bacterial interaction.
  • Electromagnetic wave therapy can also be used to destroy the underarm sweat glands, giving you some respite from the smelly armpits.

Most of these procedures are clinical and a dermatologist’s recommendation is a must before you can go ahead with any of them. 

Sweating is a part of our life. It is natural to want to be rid of the odour, but we must also consider the overall health of the body. Proper consultation and lifestyle changes combined with recommended aesthetic treatments can go a long way in keeping body odour at bay.

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