Sun Tan: Say Goodbye To Skin Tanning With These Home Remedies

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Sun Tan: Say Goodbye To Skin Tanning With These Home Remedies

Sun tan is a prevalent issue faced during the summer, affecting both the skin's health and appearance. 

Sun Tan: Say Goodbye To Skin Tanning With These Home Remedies

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As summer is upon us, it brings along beauty concerns such as skin tanning and sunburn. The powerful rays of the sun have the potential to burn your skin and diminish its elasticity.

When we expose our skin to the sun's harmful UV rays, our bodies respond by attempting to protect themselves through tanning. This process is facilitated by a chemical called melanin, which is responsible for darkening the skin. Melanin is released beneath the surface layers of the skin to absorb UV radiation. The more exposure we have to UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, the more melanin our bodies release, resulting in darker skin.

The most effective approach to lightening a tan is to prevent it in the first place. Safeguard your skin and avoid undesired tanning by practising proper sun protection. Whenever you are outdoors, make sure to wear a hat, sun-protective clothing, and sunscreen. It is essential to reapply sunscreen every two hours. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, using sunscreen daily is the best way to safeguard your skin. Here are some home remedies that can help us say goodbye to skin tanning.


The golden spice, commonly used in India, has been traditionally associated with skin-lightening properties. Although there is no conclusive evidence supporting its ability to visibly lighten the skin, a study suggests that turmeric can potentially provide protection against sun damage when used in a cream. Furthermore, the study reveals that turmeric might enhance skin hydration and the production of natural protective oils.

Black tea 

Black tea extract has shown the potential in lightening a tan on guinea pigs in a preliminary study. However, further research is required, particularly regarding the effects of homemade brews or topical products containing black tea extracts on humans.

Using a mixture of lemon juice and honey can effectively lighten sun tan due to the natural bleaching properties of lemon. To create this remedy, extract fresh lime juice and combine it with a tablespoon of honey. If desired, you can include a small amount of sugar to create a gentle exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin cells. 

Gram flour

Combining Bengal gram flour (besan), turmeric, and yoghurt creates a powerful mixture for enhancing your skin. Bengal gram flour acts as a natural skin lightener, while turmeric serves as an excellent skin-brightening agent. Meanwhile, the lactic acid present in yoghurt contributes to smoothing your skin's texture. To create the paste, simply mix gram flour, yoghurt, and turmeric together until well-blended. 

Fresh fruits

Papaya, tomato, watermelon, potato, and cucumber all offer various benefits for the skin. Papaya possesses abundant exfoliating properties and is infused with natural enzymes. It can also act as a natural bleaching agent. Potato juice is not only a bleaching agent but also helps lighten dark circles around the eyes. Tomato is well-known for its antioxidant properties and can contribute to skin brightening. Cucumber is a refreshing and cooling agent that can help remove tan.

To create a rejuvenating paste, take 4-5 cubes of ripe papaya, watermelon, potato, tomato, and cucumber. Blend them together until you achieve a jelly-like consistency. Refrigerate the paste for 15 minutes to enhance its cooling effect. Then, apply the paste to your skin and gently massage it until it is fully absorbed.


To prepare a natural skin treatment, begin by soaking lentils (specifically masoor dal) in raw milk overnight. After the lentils have soaked, grind them together with turmeric to create a paste. Apply the paste onto your skin and allow it to dry. Finally, rinse it off gently with water.

Coffee, coconut oil, and sugar

Coffee, coconut oil, and sugar combine to create a powerful concoction with numerous skin-enhancing qualities. Thanks to its caffeine content, coffee offers a wide range of benefits for the skin. In addition to its ability to remove tan, coffee aids in the elimination of acne and visibly diminishes fine lines. Meanwhile, coconut oil works its magic by providing deep hydration to the skin.

Cucumber and milk

The rejuvenating properties of cucumber make it an excellent cooling agent for the skin. Additionally, its high vitamin C content aids in soothing sunburned skin and effectively removes sun tan. The abundant antioxidants present in cucumber contribute to skin cleansing and impart a refreshing sensation.

On the other hand, milk is renowned for its moisturising effects and acts as a natural sunscreen. Not only does it lighten the complexion, but it also shields the skin from sunburn and damage. When combined with cucumber, these two ingredients work synergistically to deliver exceptional results in the process of tan removal.


To effectively remove a tan, it is crucial to protect your skin from UV rays. If preventive measures like wearing hats and sunscreen have been overlooked, there are treatments available that might help diminish the tan's appearance. However, it is important to conduct a spot test on your inner forearm twice daily for a few days to ensure there are no adverse reactions before applying the treatment elsewhere. Always follow the instructions provided for any treatment. If a product or home remedy causes stinging or burning, discontinue use immediately unless advised otherwise by a dermatologist.

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