Worried About Wrinkles And Dark Spots? Here Is All You Can Do To Slow Down Ageing Process

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Worried About Wrinkles And Dark Spots? Here Is All You Can Do To Slow Down Ageing Process

Worried about wrinkles and dark spots? Here is all you can do to slow down ageing process

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Ageing is inevitable; with time your skin starts showing signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. However, there is a possibility of spotting these signs much earlier than your age. It may be due to the foods you consume, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and several other factors.

So how to slow down this process? In this article, famous acupuncturist, Dr Jewel Gamadia suggests a few amazing diet tweaks to deal with this problem.

What is Ageing?

Ageing is the weakening or slowing down of the body’s capability to absorb nutrients. As a result the   body’s repair system also becomes weak and it starts taking more time to heal. 

As per Dr Gamadia, when you notice early signs of ageing, you should start having light meals. It is because in today’s time most of the people are either doing a desk job or working from home; their stomach juices go mild due to lack of physical activity. So, if you too are in this same situation, you can not afford to have foods like butter chicken as a part of your diet. Go for simpler foods like rice and vegetables. The lighter your meal is, more effectively your body will be able to break down vitamins.

Diet tweaks to slow down ageing

1. Have beetroot juice regularly: Beetroot is a wonderful ingredient for skin. It is a high-fibre food that includes an amino acid called betaine and Vitamin C, both of which have anti-ageing and wrinkle reducing properties. Dr Gamadia recommends having at least half a glass of beetroot juice daily, even when you do not see signs of ageing.

2. Cut down on sugar: You all must be aware of the detrimental effects that sugar can have on your health by spiking blood sugar levels. In fact, it may also accelerate inflammation that may lead to ageing skin. Try to avoid direct sugar consumption as you are already exposed to hidden sugar contents.

3. Have Vitamin C with Flavonoids: When Vitamin C is combined with flavonoids, it helps to make collagen naturally. If you don’t smoke or are a light smoker, take a 200mg tablet and if you are a heavy smoker, take a 500 mg tablet. In case, you can’t get the supplement in the medical store, just have a normal Vitamin C and at least one orange a day as it contains flavonoids.

4. Have Vitamin D on an empty stomach: Vitamin D plays an important role in your health, especially in your skin health as it facilitates skin renewal and regeneration.

5. Take Vitamin B12 and folate, in case you drink alcohol: As per Dr Gamadia, drinking alcohol contributes to sagging skin and makes you age faster. If you too drink alcohol, take B12 and folate of 1mg regularly.  It is because alcohol consumption can deplete B-12 absorption and people who have low levels of this Vitamin experience a high rate of gene damage, which accelerates cell ageing. Folate, on the other hand, is also an anti-ageing vitamin that rebuilds your body.

6. Avoid stress: Stress can damage cells, leading to early ageing. In case you have a stressful lifestyle, take a B-complex regularly after lunch. It is often called an anti-stress Vitamin and plays an important role in regulating your nervous system. Also, have upto 400 mg magnesium at night. This essential dietary mineral is also good for anxiety and stress.

Dr Gamadia also recommends a few other dietary changes, in case you notice excessive signs of ageing,

1. Stop eating meat for few days or weeks and later cut down its consumption

2. Avoid eating heavy grains like jowar and bajra for some time so that your body starts recruiting essential nutrients. 

The key to ageing gracefully is simple- choose a healthy lifestyle. So stop smoking and consuming alcohol and follow the above recommendations by Dr Jewel Gamadia to slow down ageing.

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