How To Lose Weight In An Effective Manner?

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How To Lose Weight In An Effective Manner?

How to lose weight in an effective manner?

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No doubt that over the past years, obesity has become one of the most concerning health problems. Excessive weight not only brings health problems but also shakes the confidence of a person. One question every overweight person might encounter is 'how to lose weight'. To answer the question, in this video Dr. Aanchal Panth explains different changes one can make in their lifestyle and diet that will help to lose weight. 

Dr. Panth explains that everyone has a different body structure and body type, and people with excessive weight should focus on getting fit rather than getting skinny. Here are some tips one can follow during their weight loss journey. 

Set an achievable goal 

An achievable goal that can be attained genuinely is extremely important. Instead of thinking of losing 10 kg weight in a month, one should focus on a small amount such as 2 kg. One needs to calculate how much time one can dedicate to working out and what changes one can make in their diet plans. 

How to be more active? 

Someone, who is just starting a workout session should follow 15 minutes basic YouTube workout video tutorials instead of hitting the gym immediately. 15-20 minutes of a workout session will make a person's body active. Once a person gets into the routine of working out daily, then they can increase the timing as per their preference. 

Once the workout routine kicks in, one can think of joining a gym, where they can also do weight training along with cardio. Doing light weight can tone thighs and arms in a better shape. 

Changes required to make in diet 

1. Do not skip meals: Taking meals on time is very important. Dr. Panth explains that when a person skips a meal, they tend to eat a little extra in their next meal, and the habit of snacking also increases. 

Apart from that, one should always finish their dinner 2 hours before going to bed. Dr. Aanchal says that starting meals with a salad helps to fill up the stomach and also reduces overeating. One can replace their breakfast with a smoothie. 

One of the most important parts of the weight loss journey is to cut down on sugar intake. To start the cut down of sugar intake, one should first cut down the quantity of tea or coffee intake. Instead of tea or coffee, one can switch to green tea. 

Dr. Panth says that one should avoid drinking carbonated drinks during their weight loss journey as it is the worst source of sugar intake that harms the body. 

2. Dietary replacements: Instead of making drastic changes in one diet plan, one can always use the option of a replacement for eg: one can snack on baked fox nuts instead of chips. ,

Dr. Panth suggests cutting down on portions instead of depriving them. By following these tips and tricks, one can sustain these dietary changes for the long term instead of following them for the short term. 

Factors that are hampering weight loss 

1. Do not follow a fad diet: A fad diet such as a keto diet, or a carb diet is not something one can sustain in the long run. It is better to make small changes in daily routine to keep off the weight for the long term. 

2. Starving yourself: Soup diet, chicken, grilled fish diet, and others will not help a person to sustain for a long time. Food is a fundamental human need, and one cannot live on paneer or soup for days. 

3. Avoid outside food and fried food: Having outside food more than once a week is not a healthy option. One should always try and have home-cooked food as it has less oil and is more healthy. 

4. Do not fall for gimmicks: Another factor that can also hamper your weight loss journey is falling for gimmicky drinks and tablets for weight loss. 

Someone who is extremely overweight should also consider bariatric surgeries. These surgeries are extremely safe and can surely help in shedding weight. 


The only way to lose weight is to eat healthily and work out regularly. These methods can contribute towards weight loss instead of other bizarre options. 

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