Knowing The Holistic Approach To Weight Loss

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Knowing The Holistic Approach To Weight Loss

Weight loss has been a growing market for over a decade, luring people into buying unrealistic body standards and diet fads.

Knowing The Holistic Approach To Weight Loss

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From the keto diet to Intermittent fasting and HIIT workouts to power yoga, people have been oscillating back and forth to attain the desired body and weight. However, in the race to the end goal, the crowd has diverted from the path of weight loss without taking into account the body and mind as a whole. While following a certain plan, factors enriching the body often get neglected. Therefore, what is needed for a healthy body and mind is a holistic approach to weight loss.     

According to Mumbai-based nutritionist consultant Dr. Khushboo Sahijwani Matta, weight loss is a combined effort of diet and exercise. “When it comes to weight loss, nutrition and exercise make up a 70-30 ratio. A lot depends upon nutrition because what is going on inside the body reflects outside. Through thoughtful eating, we need to respect the body and the gut. What we put inside will show results accordingly,” she states, especially considering the current lifestyle comprising inadequate sleep and excess stress.

The professional further chalks out two of the most important aspects of holistic weight loss: the overall well-being of the person and their body composition.

Crucial Ingredients Of Holistic Weight Loss

“A holistic approach includes how the person feels, entailing a human’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Does the person wake up feeling fresh? Are they lethargic and non-energetic to run through the daily course of the day? Not getting proper sleep? Too irritated or anxious? Also to be taken into consideration is if he/she is bloated all the time, and suffers from constant acidity, gas, or indigestion,” explains Dr. Matta.

Then comes the factor of body composition, which is determined by checking the body fat percentage - the muscle mass, and the ideal weight according to height. “At the same time, hormonal health is equally significant. This factor is essential, especially for women, and must be taken into consideration when checking whether the menstrual cycle is on time. These important aspects are to be looked into before starting the weight loss journey,” she adds.

Mindful Eating Is The Key

While keeping overall well-being and body composition in check is pivotal, Dr. Matta also emphasises mindful eating when it comes to holistic weight loss. A watchful eye has to be kept when eating, keeping in mind the quantity of food and body movement.

The nutritionist says, “If you ask for a break up for the role-play of workout and nutritious diet parameters - it is 30 percent and 70 percent, respectively. The time of eating, quality of nutrients, and quantity of food - all critical. And, of course, exercise is equally important.”  

When it comes to timeliness, it is necessary to ensure that no meal is skipped. Most importantly, the inclusion of small, frequent meals, but not as frequent as it also depends on the lifestyle. “Not skipping mid-meals is crucial. Apart from the main meals, giving equal importance to mid-meals brings out the balance followed by the quality of food being consumed, be it Indian or Western. The best approach is to go local and eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. There is a reason why a particular food is available in a particular season and we should make the most of it by incorporating it into our diet,” she elucidates. Locally grown food is the sole reason for its cultivation in the land, and it matches perfectly with the country’s body type. 

Incorporate “complex carbohydrates, high fiber, and protein into your diet rather than supplements; limit your intake of fried foods and refined oils in cooking. Pay attention to the omega 3 and 6 fatty acid ratio,” says Dr. Matta.

Simultaneously, concentrating on the intake of vitamins and minerals, though required in small amounts, is essential. “We have to include a sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Water is equally important as it is the main nutrient provider,” she suggests.

An Ideal Food Plan In A Holistic Weight Loss Journey

Dr. Matta recommends giving the day a quality start in old-school fashion. Begin with a heavy breakfast and then taper down the intake of meals towards the end of the day because the glycogen levels are already full and the liver is already overworked by then, keeping dinner the lightest of all.

Breakfast: Choose between poha, upma, or moong dal chilla loaded with vegetables. One can also try to replace the regular sooji with oats for taste, texture, and high fibre. Adding ground nuts to these also makes a great difference. Another option is idli and dosa with sambar and chutney, or else an omelette of two egg whites.

Or else, fruits are best eaten early in the morning. Start your day with a bowl of fruits instead of tea or coffee. Also, eating fruits mid-morning is ideal,” she adds.

Lunch: Salad, jowar bhakri or roti, a bowl of dal, and a vegetable. Always include one grain, either rice or roti.  

Dinner: Sprouts and soup are good dinner options. One can also go for moong dal or besan chilla if one is craving carbs. One can have salad, sabzi, or dal too. Another option is assorted vegetables, a curd bowl, or eggs. For non-vegetarian eaters, grilled chicken, salad, and soup make a light dinner.          

Ultimately, the nutritionist also urges taking emotional well-being into consideration as it plays a major role in supporting nutrition. “One must maintain a positive mindset. Enjoy engaging in activities that help maintain the happiness quotient, such as reading, listening to music, or going for a walk,” concludes Dr. Matta.

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