Want To Stay Fit? Adopt These Effective Eating Habits Right Away

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Want To Stay Fit? Adopt These Effective Eating Habits Right Away

Healthy eating habits to stay fit take time to build up but aren’t difficult. Experts say, all it takes is a few simple changes and you are there.

Want to Stay Fit? Adopt These Effective Eating Habits Right Away

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If weight gain or obesity is beginning to affect the quality of your life, and the weight doesn’t seem to budge no matter what you have tried, it's time to find out the why and how. Perhaps you aren’t getting good results despite your best efforts because developing healthy eating habits is easier said than done.

Here are some tips by Dr Jewel Gamadia from Katrina Kaif’s diet to achieve the results you’ve always wanted when it comes to a healthy and fit body.  

To begin with, maintaining timeliness for each meal and daily exercises are good ways to kickstart your routine. Next, one needs to know how to manage a light meal with a heavy one during the day.

Read on for more such simple tips to keep you fit.

Choose Required Nutrients - Each nutrient has a certain function to perform in our body. Therefore a good, balanced meal is always advisable for everyone. Yet, each body comes with its own specific needs and any diet needs to be customised as per individual requirements. For example, some pulses and nuts have anti-nutritional factors which may not suit everybody.

Know Your Allergies, If Any - Knowledge of certain allergies is important. Common food allergens include milk, egg, nuts, gluten and shellfish. So, even when our body needs some products to achieve a given nutrient quantity, we might need to replace the specific source and pick an alternative source. For example, the protein from milk (in case one is lactose intolerant) can be substituted with soy or any other plant-based milk.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - What we think and feel also affects our diet. Especially when it comes to how we are feeling when we sit down to eat. If we are stressed, we tend to overeat or not eat at all. If we’re sitting in front of the television it’s always tempting to finish a bowl of chips with a can of coke. Maintaining a balanced mood and staying happy, during and in-between meals is critical when it comes to our diet. 

Know Your Body’s Diet Requirements - Be aware of the main source and supplements available for each nutrient that you need and consume. This way, the quantity that is required by the body is easily controlled.

Keep Your Body Alkaline - Our bodies are alkaline in nature and therefore, it is necessary to consume foods which are not rich in sugars and simple starch. Both are acidic in tone, so learn how to make the acidic pH alkaline. Consumption of dark green vegetables and fresh fruits helps immensely.

Healthy Eating As Important As A Schedule - It is not just the what but also the how which comes into play when it comes to shedding your weight and maintaining it too. Healthy eating begins with a schedule. 

Eating Light Is Always Better - To start with, eating light is a great marker of maintaining good health. Yet, if your work demands that you consume more calories, then don’t deprive yourself of the some comfort food, while remaining mindful of the portions

Do Not Skips Meals - We tend to skip meals when our work leaves us little time. But eating on time cannot be overemphasised. Remember to chew the food properly. Eating slowly is always better as it helps in swallowing and aids digestion. Remember your stomach has no teeth, so the more you masticate, the better your digestion. 

A proper nutrient-filled diet will not only keep you healthy but also happy and satiated. If you are working on a specific body requirement or trying to match the levels of vitamins and minerals needed by your body, you can always take supplements which support your journey of weight loss. 

Do Not Underestimate The Power of Exercise - Physical exercise is absolutely necessary for maintaining, aiding the digestion process and compensating for those extra calories. Simple breathing exercises that help our stomach and liver to work well must be adopted over time. Meditation and yoga are the best when it comes to mental health. 

A combination of a right, nutritious and balanced diet along with basic exercises on a daily basis go a long way in ensuring that you have a fit body. Adopt these simple lifestyle changes and enjoy your journey to wellness. 

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