Weight Loss Journey: Here Is Which Type Of Diet You Should Follow

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Weight Loss Journey: Here Is Which Type Of Diet You Should Follow

Leading medicine expert Dr. Jewel Gamadia deep dives into calorie conscious vs. nutrition conscious diet for individuals trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss Journey: Here is which type of diet you should follow

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Being overweight is one of the most common problems many people face. While one may try each and everything to shed some weight, only the right kind of diet can prove beneficial in one's weight loss journey. Dr Jewel Gamadia, who is a leading alternative medicine expert shares some of the most important tips for selecting the right kind of diet during an individual’s weight shedding journey. 

Dr Gamadia says that there are two major types of diet which people usually follow to lose weight. While the first one is a calorie-conscious diet, the other one is a nutrition-conscious diet. Calorie-conscious diet refers to a meal plan where one is aware of the intake of calories they are taking and then reduces it to a major extent in order to lose weight. On the other hand, a nutrition conscious diet is a food plan where the diet is both healthy and mindful and consistently gives the body all the nutrients it needs. It promotes one's performance by assisting the body's processes. 

Explaining further, Dr Gamadia says that a calorie-deficit diet is not an efficient means of losing weight. The primary flaw with this diet is that reducing calorie intake also means reducing nutrient intake.

Proper nutrition is necessary for burning fat. Dr. Gamadia explains that the body requires a specific amount of Vitamin B and minerals, which are utilised by the liver to process and burn fat. Although a calorie-restricted diet may lead to weight loss initially, once this diet is discontinued, weight tends to rebound, and the individual may regain the same amount of weight they previously lost.

The calorie-conscious diet has various problems. Since the body does not get enough nutrition, a lot of people complain about problems such as hair fall and dull skin. Therefore, Dr, Gamadia says that losing weight in such a way is of no use and advises people not to follow a calorie conscious diet. 

While talking about a nutritious conscious diet, Dr Gamadia says that it is considered one of the best ways to lose weight. Dr Gamadia further explains that the more nutrition the body gets, the better it performs. As mentioned earlier, the body needs a certain amount of vitamins to process fat, and if those vitamins which have the nutritional value to reduce weight are present in good supply in the body, then one's body will lose weight effectively. Though one might lose a Kg less compared to a calorie-conscious diet, however, a nutrition-conscious diet will help the individual to lose weight in a healthy way. With this, one may have a better appeal and appearance after they lose weight. 

Dr Gamadia tells about a few super-food items that prove extremely beneficial while losing weight. These food items include bananas, broccoli, drumsticks, peas, sweet potatoes as well as eggs. These food items are alkaline in nature, and it helps in reducing weight. If a person adds these food items to his or her regular diet, then over a period of time they will notice the reduction in weight without any side effects.


While there are numerous ways to lose weight, it is recommended to opt for a healthy approach that involves selecting the appropriate weight loss technique and diet. Therefore, it is essential to choose a diet that is mindful of nutrition, as it will supply the body with adequate nutrients while also enabling the individual to achieve their desired physique.

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